High School Softball Out of season training routine. What are the best 4 day routines for players?

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May 16, 2016
Some type of squat, and some type of row would be the top two exercises that I personally believe that every athlete should be doing.

To be a little more specific I prefer a barbell back squat for someone with experience in lifting weights. If the person has never squatted before a barbell back squat is probably not the best squat to start with. Might want to start with a dumbell front squat and work your way up. The first time a person does barbell back squat they can expect to be very sore for 4 days afterwards. After a warmup you are looking for 3-4 sets 8-12 reps.

My favorite type of row would be a pullup or chin-ups with body weight. Not too many girls, or boys can do many pullups or chin-ups as a beginner. This exercise will take some practice. You can use a band that is attached to the pullup bar and stretched around your foot to aid in doing pullups. You can also start with a lat pull down machine. 3-4 sets 8-12 reps.

Some other exercises that I really like are Bulgarian Split squats, sled push and walking backwards with a sled, single leg RDL's with a Landmine or you can put a barbell in corner of the room but the barbell will damage a finished wall. Farmer carry and single arm farmer carry. Med ball exercises.

I prefer dumbell presses over barbell presses for overhand throwers, don't go deeper than parallel and keep your arms closer to your torso with pressing movements for overhand throwers. You can do the dumbell presses laying on the floor to ensure you don't go to deep.

I personally still Deadlift with a trap bar but I don't ego lift when deadlifting. Deadlifting is a controversial lift, some people are not big fans of deadlifting. Definitely not an exercise for a beginner with no knowledge of how the body should move.
May 16, 2016
I also would recommend more of a full body workout than targeting a single muscle group per day.

I should also add sprinting in to a weekly workout routine, if they are not sprinting elsewhere.

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