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May 20, 2015
As my college coach used to say...there are two types of class, first and none.

Behavior like this by players is usually easily traced back to the parents, but sometimes the coach. The fact that fans/parents acted this way is not a shock.

There is a local HS team that is, for lack of a better word, simply obnoxious in the dugout. One doesn't have to look much past the coach to see the parents that also influence their actions. Funny that they get real quiet when things are not going their way in a game.

Judgemental? Yes. Accurate? Also, yes.

Blaming the umpire for determining/influencing the outcome of the game? No, but some will say yes. :ROFLMAO:

this 100%

we play a team at home wednesday.....beat them a few weeks ago 16-2, they were quiet in the dugout until pitcher was mid arm circle, then they just starting screeching

obnoxious for sure.......their coaches "apppealed" (their words) so many calls, and didn't have the first clue about protocol when asking an umpire to get help from their partner, that the umpires started to ignore them

almost lost it when DD1 made a nice play at SS and caught a hot shot off her shoe laces and one yelled "guess you've got to be a man to get a call in this game".....

there's always that one team, and 99% of the time it starts from the top down
Sep 29, 2014
100% top down...as a coach never had any issues with any of my teams... why.. you simply don't tolerate it. I'm not a complete killjoy you can do all those silly little chants and cheers you want that aren't over the line but as far as purposefully yelling at the pitcher or batter in the middle of the action...simply NO!!
Jun 6, 2016
Some of these acts meet the rule book (NFHS) definition of Interference.

"Interference is an act (physical or verbal) by a member of the team at bat who illegally impedes, hinders or confuses any fielder"

Intentionally timed yelling to distract (confuse) the pitcher certainly qualifies.
Everyone seems to agree that this is a sign of poor leadership & is unsportsmanlike. Maybe it’s enforceable as a rule violation but it sounds like it’s a judgment call. In my book this was pure harassment of the Washington pitcher & it occurred in a context of bad behavior by some parents & recent phenomenally bad behavior by the coach. I personally hope that Arkansas eats them alive in the Supers since Texas has a coach & multiple players who are poster kids for entitlement & poor sportsmanship. It’s sad because some of their players & their families are class acts. Thanks for your feedback!

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May 20, 2015
Some of these acts meet the rule book (NFHS) definition of Interference.

"Interference is an act (physical or verbal) by a member of the team at bat who illegally impedes, hinders or confuses any fielder"

Intentionally timed yelling to distract (confuse) the pitcher certainly qualifies.

this will be part of today's pregame talk with the umpires lol


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Dec 13, 2019
Can still remember playing in regionals. The game was at the opposing team's field.
Their fans were loud, obnoxious and taunting.
Until they lost 2 in a row...
As they did not advance to the College World Series. 🥳
Oct 1, 2014
Some people are just jerks and they need to be taught lessons and held accountable in an effort to deter that behavior and hopefully reinforce how to be a decent human. It should not be left up to a single Coach or an Umpire to get this message across...it takes a village. We all need to get more involved instead of looking the other way and not saying anything. Left unchecked that type of behavior will continue to grow and fester until well, more of what is happening these days continues and ruins it for everyone. Sports teaches many lessons and we all have the opportunity to shape those lessons...do your best and make a positive difference.

Yes, beating the crap out of an obnoxious team (on the field) is a great deterrent. Sadly this type of player/coach/team/parent group is often too thick to learn anything from others. Hopefully, that behavior fades and then disappears but it doesn't seem to be happening fast enough.
May 20, 2015
yeah, we beat the crap out of them twice in a week, and they will still be tools next week

they weren't screaming on the pitcher's release this time.......they just screamed every time one of our infielders made a play lol......
Jul 13, 2014
I’ve told this story before. My dd was 12 (lefty pitcher) and we were playing in a mid week league of travel teams. End of season and we were eliminated in the playoffs. Coach from another team approaches and asks if she would like to guest play with them for a couple of tourneys. She is standing right there so I ask her what she thinks and she says “isn’t this the team that screams everytime the pitcher pitches” yes I think this is them she looks at him and says “no thanks I wouldn’t want to play on a team that does that” the look on his face was priceless.
Similar experience. My daughter subbed on a team of yellers (every.bloody.pitch). When the girls in the dugout didn't yell loud enough, parents would come over and tell them to be louder. I sat with the other team's fans, as I was embarassed. They asked us to come back the next weekend, we thanked them for the opportunity to play, politely declined, and got the heck out of there as fast as possible....
Aug 13, 2017
Watched a few Va Tech games at Regionals (on tv) and their fans were awfully mouthy. I kept wondering if the they had a dang mic up in the crowd because you could clearly hear them harassing the umps for calls... especially the illegal pitch calls. They were all over opposing team as well after every call. Seemed they took every call for and against them personal.

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