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Game Changer Laughs

Jun 19, 2016
This one got me. I always tell DW a run was scored on a “comedy of errors”. To your point....aka total team brain fart. We’ve all been there.
Sometimes it gets to a point where I don't care whose fault it was. If they made more than two errors one one play I don't want a finger pointed.
Oct 4, 2018
Assuming our girls played 10U ball of any type, we've all seen mental errors, multiple errors on one play, and any number of other items hard to enter into game changer. And at some point you just give up.

Grounder to third, bobbled (error). Throws to first anyway but overthrows (error). Right fielder eventually gets the ball and overthrows third (error)...
Sep 9, 2019
Catcher's parents on GC. 16u,. Runners on corners. Hard throw back to p called. Catcher throws through late. Hits runner basically standing on second. Both runners advance. Scored E4 i guess because she is the one that went and picked up the ball. It would not have even been her cover. Another play, fly to right off the fence. Thrown out at 3rd trying to stretch it. Scored fly ball out. 9 4 5