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Jan 24, 2020
We did two, the first was a throwing accuracy drill with five cones set up starting at third base and progressively five paces down the left field line, each with a ball on top. the goal was to fire the ball into the 1B dugout without bouncing the ball. Through the opening was 1 point and if they hit the bench on the fly it was 5 points. Each player started at the closest cone and worked her way down the line quickly trying to get as many points as possible. there were rewards for top performers.

The second was essentially Ultimate Frisbee rules but with gloves and a softball (and facemarks because deflections happened all the time). Everyone loved this one, the girls because they got to flat out compete, and the coaches because the girls were getting in conditioning work while working on catching and throwing on the run as well as developing their decision making skills. we sometimes used this as a warm-up exercise after stretching and light throwing, and the rest of practice was always very focused.
Jun 1, 2015
Another game my girls seem to like that tests a lot of different skills at once is called "Triple Threat".

- Split your girls into 3 groups (as equally as possible). One group bats, one group goes to 1B, and the third group goes to 3B. One batter and one fielder of each group take their positions (make sure 1B and 3B are playing a normal 1B/3B and not trying to cheat by shifting closer to 2B/SS, respectively).

- The batter receives one side-toss pitch to hit (if she fouls it or doesn't like it, give another. Help them become picky). When she hits it, she runs. BOTH fielders chase down the hit wherever it goes (whether outfield or infield).

- The batter earns one point for each base she touches before the coach yells "STOP" or "DEAD" or something like that. The coach yells this when he sees BOTH defensive players touching the ball (i.e. one could have it in her glove and the other grabs it in the glove with her free hand, etc.) Players then rotate in their own lines (lines that have unequal players can pick a second batter to go again).

- Total up the points for a team's time at bat, then rotate the teams. The team with the highest total of points wins. Batters rotate to 1B when done, 1B to 3B, and 3B comes to hit.

** Bonus Idea: Take the most recent batter (last in order to start or girl who just ran) and place them as a runner halfway between 1B and 2B. Give the hitting team an extra 2 points IF she can touch home before the batter is declared "DEAD". Simulates a Hit-and-Run scenario very well and puts pressure on EVERYONE to finish faster and more intensely. **
Jan 25, 2022
Yes we did. Most of us probably played a tackle football game with a pretty inappropriate title when we were younger.

The day our HC introduced me to the $5 game, we also reminisced about the game you're talking about. haha. Kids...

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