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May 20, 2015
Kid 2 hit the plus today......she is not the best for feedback, but she thought it swung light....the extra inch didn't bother her at all; she's more a see it/hit it girl than DD1, so o took what I got

Every ball mark was barreled up, so she was getting good swings.....we were mixing it up, some cages were inside/outside/mixed speeds, etc so she swung well....I didn't get her in my cage, but from what I was able to see she was swinging it very well

Liked the feel, felt it had more pop than her old mantra, liked it better than her ghost....but liked is subjective

She said it sounded better, which might be why she thought it had plenty of pop

She maxed at 65 on hit Trax; he previous high on this hit trax was 64 with a 32" GA.....vs the 33" mantra plus

So far it's a good purchase.....

Other girls there liked the look, for what that's worth

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