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Jun 21, 2021
2nd time now, DD has jammed her thumb catching the ball. Today, she was using a smaller glove when it happened. I don't remember what glove she had on the 1st time.

Could it be the glove or is she catching it wrong or is this just common?


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Dec 13, 2019
Check to make sure player is using the thumb strap.

Check the inside of the glove to see if the thumb strap on the inside is being used.
And if it is adjusted correctly.
Keeps thumb to the side and in correct position so when closing glove folds properly.

Otherwise without using the thumb strap
thumb will not stay in appropriate place.
And can/will move to the pocket area.
Not so good.
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Josh Greer

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Jul 31, 2013
Central Missouri
When you say jam, I'm assuming we are talking about a sprain in the thumb joint closest to the hand; generally caused by catching the ball on the lower heal of the mitt. I tend to disagree with getting a larger mitt to solve this. Not centering the ball and weak hand and wrist strength at this age are the primary reasons for the sprain. A larger mitt will just exacerbate that problem; and the extra size of the mitt will create more weight and leverage of the longer mitt can make the issue worse.

For me, the best solution is to run hand drills. Toss ping pong balls and tennis balls and have your daughter catch without a mitt. She doesn't even have to catch them. Just let hem bounce off of her open hand for a while, just to get the field for where she should be centering. The idea is to develop the hand/eye coordination that will translate to properly centering and catching a mitt. Also watch to make sure she isn't closing her eyes (common at this age). This can prevent centering as well.

Lastly, a thumb guard is a useful tool, especially when the thumb is already sore. Xan Barksdale (catching 101) has a pretty good one. Evo Shield is another good one.
Apr 17, 2019
I'm curious if anyone has suggestions/cues/drills to get a player to catch/move the pocket higher, away from the hand. I have two players who tend to catch too shallow, right at the base knuckle. I think both may be the result of having kept their 10" 8u gloves for too long.

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