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College players - frustrated and tired of it?

Jun 17, 2014
My DD is going into her Senior year of playing DI college ball. These past two years have really taken so much away; I think it has changed her attitude significantly. Has anyone else experienced that? I never thought I'd see the day where she lost her enthusiasm for the game. I've always said that if it isn't what she wants to do, then I don't want her to do it. I'm not interested in forcing or pushing my opinion on her for this. We've enjoyed watching her play so much over the years.

She's made it clear next year is her last (even though she is eligible for one more year if she wanted to go to grad school), and she just doesn't seem to care like she used to. I sure hope it gets better but it occurred to me that COVID may have hit other players in a similar way. The season was cut extremely short in 2020 which limited development opportunities, and then even in 2021, the schedule was much different than usual to start, and then games were removed due to COVID during the year. It seems to have hit her very hard. It all seems to be quite negative now. I'm so sad to see it. I was hoping that the summer break might change things, but so far it has not. Is anyone else seeing this happen?
Dec 2, 2013
Making it 4 years in any collegiate program during normal times is a monumental feat with odds not in favor for our DD's. Burnout is real and the grind takes a toll. College Athletes miss out on more things in college than HS. They are adults and become very opinionated. They have freedom that they didn't have in HS.

IMO they have to be playing for something. What is their Why? My DD said at one point, I have made it this far, I need to finish it. She has something to prove to herself and every teammate she played with growing up. DD played the past 2 years, both affected by Covid. She has not been able to play an entire season yet, and out of 4 semesters, she only had 1 semester with in person classes. That can negatively affect ANY College student. What the athletes have that NARP's don't have is each other. Hopefully, she has good quality teammates that are good friends to her.

Keep being positive and enjoy her last year. My DD will be a Jr, but she will be entering her first eligible year. She can play until she's 24...if she wanted to. I am 100% sure she doesn't want to.


Ex "Expert"
Feb 25, 2009
While I don't know your dd, I would bet that a part of this downturn is due to a lack of fans, parents, family being in the stands for much of the season or the entire season. With my dd when she played, grandparents from other teammates showed up and she developed relationships with them. My dd loved talking to other parents of her teammates and still talks to both teammates and parents. For example, one teammate's parents have a cabin on a lake and they still try to get the team together there in the summer. COVID has destroyed some of these outside influences that also make the experience special for players.
Jun 17, 2014
Thanks for the replies, I really do appreciate it. Things have been about the same since I posted my question. I’m so sad to see it but I think it’s a combination of adulthood, covid, and some things with the team and coaches. I’ll appreciate what’s to come for what will likely be her last year. She’s my star and I’m proud of her no matter what she chooses to do with softball from here. In other circumstances I think things could have been very different but I’m sure many folks have similar stories...it’s all part of preparing them for their futures!

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