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Oct 2, 2017
Most of the stretching is done prior to swing launch. The last bit of stretch is the barrel sent rearward as the lowerbody pulls the barrel forward. However, it’s the hands and back leg starting at the same time as you tilt that creates the final stretch.
Ok. I don't have a problem with that. But in the end you still trying to resist turning the upper half. If a player coils during their "load" and tries like hell to maintain the position of the upper half. You are going to create a lot of resistance and as the rear leg starts to turn it will start to pull the upper half around. Can you have more resistance by the tilt and sending the barrel rearward and even a pullback, sure.

Some players lower half opens a bit more first than others. IMO and i can be totally off base, not all players are going to have the upper and lower going at the same time.

Example pujols. In this clip. Look how long his name on the jersey stays stationary for quite a long period as his lower is turning before it starts getting pulled around.

Sho is another

Carlos - Notice by the way his hips have basically fully opened his barrel still back upper still back

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Jun 8, 2016
I do bottom hand a little different than most people. Hard to visualize, but most people finish their swing with both hands and their bottom hand only swing in 2 different finish locations. Usually both hand swings finish around/near the shoulder and the bottom hand only swings finishes long and away from the body. Once they finish near the shoulder the front shoulder won’t fly as much.

if you look at the two swings I attached he finishes them in very different spots so one of those swings doesn’t match his two handed swing (assuming he keeps both hands on).
I can see that.

If I was to have a younger player do bottom hand "swings" I would probably just have them do "taps" concentrating on the hand path Wallenbrock/Latta ascribe to in the below videos:

Start video at 48:10:

Note in the second video Latta does mention in the game you have more margin in terms of getting the front side/shoulders involved too early but says that you want to train for zero margin.
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Oct 13, 2014
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In regards to a front shoulder ‘pull’ I would think about looking at back leg positioning as well as sequencing. Some might venture a backwards rhythmical cadence.