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Oct 10, 2018
I've been told by at least one coach the DiMarinis have a small sweet spot. If your girl hits for power the prism won't last. My DD broke hers inside of a month and said it felt "light", but YMMV
Apr 20, 2015
My dd stopped breaking bats right and left once i understood sizing and drop. Since she's been in what I feel is the right size and drop no more broken bats. As she's grown we've also changed sizes instead of trying to make old bats last a while longer. She always has 2 bats swings the older one for hitting lessons and the newer one in games. She's a freshman now. 5ft 5 125, strong and athletic build. Swings a 33/23 which i think is where she will stay until probably Jr year when I suspect she will need a drop 9 as she's hard core into her weight training.

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Oct 5, 2018
Just read thread...current summary

OP Power hitter DD seingn 19 lxt 33/23

DD likes 2021 lxt
Dad thought hit RXT well
Dad wants deal on 2021 lxt
Dad wonders about prism (+), others

The key here to me is DD likes the LXT. 2021 LXT will have good retail deals come mid October 2021 (about 50% off). If you can bridge the next 7 months with the 19 LXT, a cheap RXT or 20 LXT and DD is excited about that do so. Or just buy the 2021 LXT and don't over think it. What she feels confident with is all (95% anyway) that matters.


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Dec 27, 2012
Kunkletown, PA
My dd stopped breaking bats right and left once i understood sizing and drop. Since she's been in what I feel is the right size and drop no more broken bats.
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I think this is a bigger key than what many think. Its funny, people get out of drop11s as quick as they can...why...bats break and
their kids grow out of them. BUT yet, they will keep their dd in a 32/22 for 4 years or 33/23, and never think about that bat being
too small at some point. a drop9 is like taboo thinking...haha
Oct 4, 2018
The latest lxt is hotter than previous lxt offerings. Rumor has it that they've done nothing more than thin the sidewalls down. Whether true or not, IDK, but there are durability issues with it now from others I've talked to.

Yikes. That's a shame IMHO.

The lxt is a best-seller. A classic. A really trusted and durable bat that can work for a wide-range of hitters. No matter what mood I'm in or what I had for lunch, lxt is almost always in my top 5. Hope that doesn't change now.

Because of the 2021 bats coming out, I was able to get a 2020 RXT for $159 and a 2020 Xeno for $199. Both are solid. My girls are hitting well with them. My power-hitting younger DD especially liking the Xeno. We went with drop 9 to get the weight right. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE weigh your current bat and then use the BAT WEIGHT DATABASE thread to help you get the right bat. Don't trust the numbers printed on the bat. Use a scale.
Oct 4, 2018
DD just finished breaking in the her new 2021 RXT. she has been getting some great hits with it. the sound really changed once it was broke in. she is happy with the sound and pop, that is all that matters.

My DD crushed a line drive to the fence with her 2020 RXT, but claims she doesn't like the sound. Bat has about 100 hits on it. Do you know about when the sound changed? That would be great for us if it's going to change soon.
Oct 4, 2018
I've read that the rxt is more durable than the lxt . But as far as new tech the rxt is a blend of zeno and lxt technology. The lxt does have thinner walls.(maybe too thin). I know I can't make a decision really without my dd swinging the different bats first. Each bat hits and feels different.
I've been looking into both the LS xeno and demarini prism and prism +. Which of these bats has a larger sweet spot?
Then Again I have thought about waiting til the 2022 bats come out. When do they come out?

This should clear it up:


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