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Nov 8, 2020
Trust me, I love your way of thinking.....but that's one huge chunk of leather for an almost 11 year old!!
Right? A 13" mitt is more than my 16 year old uses at 1st base.

The gray and black glove is a mitt I just set my buddies 16 up old daughter up with. It's a 12.25" firstbasemans mitt, made for baseball but is the same pattern as the fastpitch glove but without the dreaded velcro back.

The black glove is my 16yo kids 1st basemans mitt, same pattern and size but with the strap. She has used this glove for 6 years now. I just clean, condition and relace it now and then.
She tried 13" gloves but couldn't keep the ball in the glove as well and after 6 years she still doesn't want a new glove


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Feb 25, 2020
Just because she's as big as a 12/13 y/o doesnt mean she moves or has the skills of one. The fact that shes catching a few balls in her palm leads me to believe that her glove skills are not quite on pace with her size/strength(nothing wrong with that at all!).
Worst thing you could do is strap a 27 oz glove to her hand. She'd be the equivalent of a 5 year old trying to cut shapes out of paper with some garden shears.

Give her the right tools. Her tools should help her develop her skills(glove work). Get her the kid scissors...

(Also, maybe have her try "two in the pinky stall" if she hasnt already.)
Apr 30, 2018
A Bradley 6090 series should work well for her. They come about 80% game ready. Made from kip leather. Should last several years. Finger stalls are sized for youth hands so it should fit her nicely.

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Jan 27, 2021
That sounds dirty.
She actually tried on a liberty advanced tonight and for a true 1b mitt that seemed almost like the only way it would fit. In a regular fielder glove she hated the two in pinkie stall feel. No doubt her skills aren’t top notch, she’s 10. Even if she could catch like a lizards tongue, a good chunk of her team still suck at throwing. Would something like a mizuno prime or a lousiville lxt, or Rawlings r9, or a Rawlings encore be any good or just throwing money away? And do you let the places u order from do a break in prep?
Nov 8, 2020
Are there actually people out there who don't go "2 in the pink"? My son is 26 years old and they were teaching him that in T Ball 22 years ago. I just figured everyone did that by now

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Sep 19, 2018
At 10 years old, there is no reason to buy an expensive glove. There is really no reason to buy a 1B mitt at this age. We all want the best for our children, me too. But she needs something lightweight. yes, you will be looking for a new glove in 18 months. So what. At that point, she'll have the winter to break in a real glove and the strength to lift it.
Oct 5, 2018
About that age, we bought a Rawlings gamer...currently the R9 series and got 2 years of service..probably was ready for retirement at 1.5 years. It was a 12.5, which sounds a bit big but it was a small almost youth like 12.5. Didn't feel near as big as a RLA 12.5. I believe they have a FS (fingershift) models. These simulate the TIP while not feeling near as unnatural because it's designed for it.
Oct 4, 2018
Yes, but she does do time elsewhere. I get that I probably have to buy 2 mitts but would probably start with the 1b mitt I think

I'd be tempted to start the other way. Well, who am I kidding. I'd be buying both gloves ASAP.

Pitching with a first base glove would be goofy. I guess you can use the old glove until you get a new infield glove though.
Oct 4, 2018
Liberty Advanced FB glove can be had for under 150.00 if you look around.

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We went with a Liberty Advanced 1B glove for my 11 year old, larger than average DD. It's working very well for her. That glove sucks in ground balls. I almost want her using it at 3B she fields so well with it. :p

But you might be better served (as stated above) with a less expensive, smaller, lighter 1B glove for now.
Oct 4, 2018
Are there actually people out there who don't go "2 in the pink"? My son is 26 years old and they were teaching him that in T Ball 22 years ago. I just figured everyone did that by now

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Most I know don't. Because their parents/coaches don't tell them to. I only learned it here and my girls now do it.

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