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May 13, 2021
Last week I bought an Akadema AJB 74 for my GD birthday. I will say for the money $120 or so I think I paid on JBG it seems to be a well made glove with a hand stall sized to fit young girls or girls in general with small hands. She is an above average size 8 year old and the glove fits her hand very well. Will see how it does after we get it broke in and she plays with it some.
Oct 11, 2010
Chicago, IL
DD's forever glove is an Akadema, do not remember what model.

Some posters on here mentioned something changed in thier manufacturing so it is not mentioned very much anymore.

I had an Issue with my order, no big deal. Thier customer service was excelent.
May 23, 2015
That AJB74 has been around for awhile. I think for good reason. It seems to hit a good value/performance/price point. DD started with hers about the same age yours is now.

At 8 this was the perfect glove for her. Gave her the fit/size/control she needed at a price point that didn't wreck the budget. Sure, the durability might not be up there with the big dogs but it did get plenty of use until it was time to move on/up.

Not saying its gonna be a floppy mess in a month but it may not be worth re-lacing after a year of heavy use either. There was a layer of thin fabric on the inside that wore out and started disintegrating. It wasnt an integral part of the glove. So, just ripped out that remaining fabric and played on.

On that note, I seem to remember tightening the laces the first time by a LOT after it was broken in. Wasnt a problem, just keep an eye on it like any glove.

Its probably not going to a a forever glove, but at that age it doesn't need to be.

Good luck. I hope she enjoys it.
May 13, 2021
Wasn’t getting it for a forever glove, she actually has another glove a Bradley that she likes very well. Kinda funny story she started taking pitching lessons and somehow she thinks she needs a pitching glove. So we got her this one for her for Christmas and it is her (pitching glove). Other than that it is so we will have one that fits in case something happens to her other one or when something does happen this one will be ready to go. Figure between the both of those she should be good to go until a year or so before she moves up to bigger ball. Then I will get her a top of the line glove.
Apr 17, 2019
My daughter just graduated out of the AJB74 into an A2000. Lasted all of 10u and first year 12u for us.
I recommend the AJB74 to any younger player that doesn't like a stiff glove.
Dec 11, 2010
Akadema is running a 50% off sale today.

Its kind of too bad they don’t use better leather. Not a bad pattern at all.
Apr 17, 2019
What kind and size A2000 did you get, and how is she liking it.
She's a pitcher, so got the Monica Abbott 12.25 when it was on sale last year. In the beginning she didn't like it because it was stiff. (Problem with coming of a 2 year old AJB74). Now that it's broken in, she has no complaints. She isn't one to get excited about equipment, but I know if she didn't like it, I'd hear the complaints. So must have the stamp of approval.

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