Advice Needed - college freshmen - when to worry?

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May 26, 2008
Dallas, Texas
I couldn't disagree more. Been working for me for 53+ years both in college and professional life, and DD knows what's expected of her. The few times that I ever attended early in my professional career, I had no problem ordering a soda.

Contrary to the myth, #JustSayNo actually worked just fine in the '80s and still works just fine today.

(As an FYI, hashtags don't work on DFP.)

I have a mold/yeast allergy, not a moral conviction against drinking. If I drink more than one beer or one glass of wine at a sitting, I develop an incredible migraine. So, I don't drink.

In my profession, I'm expected to attend many, many after-hour business social hours. Putting a twist of lime in a Sprite frees me to to focus on the real reason I'm at the meetings.
Oct 13, 2021
I see it got alittle off topic so I will try to answer the original question: you will honestly probably always feel that way. College softball should be comfortable to a point, but most of the time it's uncomfortable and challenging (in the best ways). It takes a while for a team to get used to each other and if the coach doesn't help with team bonding or other activities outside of the field it can be even harder. Speaking from my own experience, this is probably the first time in your DD's softball career socializing and softball are actually going to be a challenge and not go hand in hand. At the end of the day ever girl wants to play and there are only 9/10 that can every game. That creates animosity on top of over 20 different personalities trying to come together in a short amount of time. My biggest suggestion would be for her to find a group outside of the team through campus activities or classes (especially classes!!) Yes it will be awkward and new at first but having that separation from the team when needed will help with her mental health on and off the field. Maybe making friends outside of the team is what she needs to do first to get her confidence up? This is all new to her along with the other freshman so they are just as intimated! She isn't going to get along with everyone on the team and thats okay but she should try to find 2-3 teammates to really lean on. Roommates are a good place to start since they spend the most time together. If she's still struggling after the Fall you can reevaluate the situation and if it doesn't change then communication needs to happen between her and the coach. Spring ball is ALOT faster & busier so making friends is going to be even harder if not impossible so now is the time for her to get out there. Hope this helps!

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