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Jun 4, 2019
Dd lovez hers and the sound is totally different than the hollow sound of her ghost. But the rebound off the bat is tremendous. It WILL be her favorite over ghost soon.
Apr 6, 2017
I thought Dd would get hung up on wanting a ghost like everyone else but she’s not said a word. She did test swing onetime but didn’t say much.
She’s gone xeno to rocket and seems happy.
Jul 14, 2018
Dd is still using hers. She likes it. I’d say she’s still breaking in at this point.
She’s had some good hits but I’m hoping the sweet spot opens up more.

I’ve seen this as well. I bought into the whole ‘hot out of the wrapper’ hype and DD started using it right away. For a couple of weekends, solid hits were just clearing the infield. She’s still not hitting to the fence like her broken Ghost, but it seems like it’s stretching out every week. Two sac flies on Sunday .

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Jun 22, 2019
Tested with 3 girls and they averaged 4 mph above the next highest bat (2019 lxt ). They all said it swings super light (weight was 23.8 oz) and liked the feel of the bat. From my perspective, there was a noticeable difference in squarely hit balls.

Test: Right out of the box (34/24), hit off a tee to get the feel and then right to the field for front toss. Averaged 10 swings with each bat (RT-carbon, lxt -9, GA* & PC). The girls that tested the RT carbon were 17 - 20 yrs old. Used Jugs radar gun for exit velocities.
*The GA was discovered to be broken after the test.

Our 17 Yr old averaged 4.0 mph higher, 19 yr old power hitter averaged 5.1 mph higher & our 20 yr old line drive hitter averaged 3.4 mph higher.

17 yr old will be using in a tournament this weekend…we will see if it holds up.

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