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May 24, 2013
So Cal
I started on this forum when my DD was just a little younger than yours. I came looking for info that would help me help her. I got that, and more. The DFP community helped me become a good guide for my DD's journey, helped me be an effective coach, and helped me recognize when it was time for me to get back outside the fence. My DD's journey in the game has recently ended, and I can say - without a doubt - that the knowledge we gained through being an active part of the DFP community made a positive difference.

Welcome to DFP. Enjoy the ride. Also, take lots of pics/video. :)
Jan 22, 2011
Welcome! Ditto on lots of pictures and videos. I'm thankful a lot the video I shot when my DD was in 10u was backed up on Google Photos.

Here is a post on my suggestions what makes a strong 8u program which is mostly applicable to 10u.

There is an e-book on kindle for only $2.99 about coaching softball I only read the first couple pages but loved one of the first suggestions. Most catchers know to introduce themselves to the umpire to develop a rapport that may get them the benefit of the doubt on some close calls. 1B should do the same with the base umpire!

Will read the book today or tomorrow and let you know what I think.
Jan 22, 2011
Book was pretty good. I think an excellent buy for a coach just starting out.

I saw a lot I like and a lot of stuff that was reasonable. I didn't think through all of infield footwork and throwing closely, but it seemed good. The pitching section wasn't written by a pitching coach but was a reasonable description of decent mechanics for a beginning pitcher. A good starting place for a coach until they have time to do further research on pitching. A lot of drills on defensive skills on hitting at the end of the book.

Only things I strongly disagreed with was his saying catchers should remove their helmets and advocating the use of knee savers.

Luckily, I found out there was version 2.0 before getting very far into the original book. Free for kindle unlimited, $3.99 on Kindle, $19.99 paper copy.
Jun 6, 2016
"10U Coach/Dad With A Lot To Learn"

Giving your post that title tells me you're gonna do very well.

You'd be surprised how many coaches don't think they have much to learn.

It took me about 20 minutes into the first practice I ever coached to realize how much I had to learn. I thought I knew everything. Turns out, I knew a lot, but I had no idea how to teach most of it. Then I figured out some of what I knew was wrong or was knowledge I had no way to use without the tools to communicate and teach.

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