07 moving to Atlanta area in May

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Oct 4, 2018
Looks like our girls are playing the same showcase this weekend, if schedules permit do you think we can sit down together so I can pick your brain about GA softball.

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Sorry, just now seeing this. And I wasn't able to go to Valdosta. My wife went while I was with the other kids.

There was another showcase near Atlanta that the better teams went to. If you search for Vipers - Tamborra (I think they're an '08 team) you'll find where the good 14U teams are playing each week.
Nov 16, 2021
Looking to start getting familiar with what is going on in Georgia. We're coming from Arizona. DD is an 07 righthanded catcher/3rd and has spent the last fall this spring playing SS, lefty leadoff hitter.

We will be living in Snellville but are use to driving 40 minutes for practice.

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Hi here - just saw this - all depends on what you are looking for and what 'level' she is looking to and capable of playing. A few of the better teams (not purposefully excluding folks but may just miss them from lack of thinking through fully) include: Mojo Wade, Atlanta Vipers Tamborra (and maybe another), GA Impact Holcombe, GA Power Thacker - there are a lot of teams and orgs (Lady Dukes has become heavy in the area) in the state and surrounding states. One thing to keep in mind is GA plays HS softball in the fall while the surrounding states like AL, FL, NC, TN and SC all play HS in the spring so if you look to play on an out of state team just be aware of what that may mean from a scheduling front

Good luck

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