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  1. B

    Hip or Knee issue when pitching

    Hello. Long time listener... first time caller. My daughter is a 12u pitcher and we have recently started having issues with the back (drive leg) knee/hip internally rotating and going behind the plant leg knee. I don't know if it is a by product of her trying to get her hips out of the...
  2. S

    Pain from pitching

    My daughter is 15, she plays travel ball and I coach. Recently she has been experiencing pain in between her shoulder blades closer to the right side just above it. It feels like a knot of muscle. Has anyone heard of this or experienced it? I’m certain is something she’s doing mechanically
  3. P

    Dad in training, Daughter learning to pitch,

    I’m looking for feedback about pitching. My DD started pitching in April and is currently pitching 12u C level. There has been a bit of controversy about what finish is best, due to different opinions. I guess along this path we need to keep an open mind, but I also would like to start out...
  4. E

    JV Softball - Having a great time

    Our County has a weird rule that allows 8th graders in Middle School to try out for and play JV softball with the local High School. I think they do it because there usually isn’t enough talent in 9-12 to field a pair of teams. What this means in reality is that the JV team becomes a fun taste...
  5. J

    Pitching evaluation

    I was looking for some constructive criticism on my 9 year old daughters pitching. She has been pitching for 10 months now. Once a week. We just got involved with travel ball which is making it difficult to keep seeing her pitching coach because both mine and his schedules are hectic. Wanting to...
  6. S

    Pitching and Hitting Clinics and More!

    Ambler Sports Academy is committed to providing athletes of all ages with quality instruction designed to assist them in reaching their maximum potential. ASA has top notch softball instructors that have played at the Division I, II and III level and are high school or college coaches who can...
  7. J

    Pitching Coach Near Annapolis or Eastern Shore For 10 Year old daughter

    I am having a hard time finding a pitching coach anywhere near me in Stevensville, Md for my 10 year old daughter who is pitching her first year. Wanted to try and get her some lessons before you forms to many bad habits. Thanks for any advice.
  8. J

    My daughters turn for helpful video analysis!!

    My daughters turn for helpful video analysis. Thank you all very much in advance for any information you may share to help my 13 y.o. DD. She started pitching about a year and a half ago. Rec league last year, several months off for "other interests", don't get me started on that.... Now we're...
  9. S

    Play Softball in Stockholm!

    Position filled
  10. A

    People always post negative experiences with coaches, let me post a positive.

    This weekend at a tournament in Brandon Mississippi my daughter’s coaches showed me how coaching should be done. Let me set the stage so it will all make sense. We are a 10u Team from Monroe La, we started last year in 8u and struggled quite a bit. Lost a few kids to trophy hunters and teams...
  11. J

    Looking for a pirate pitching coach

    Looking for a private pitching coach My daughter has been pitching for 2 years now and we have seen our fair share of private coaches that can't make it to lessons, and promise the very best service. Well here we are again finding ourselves looking for what we hope will be the perfect coach...
  12. coach james

    rev fire details

    I've been kicking around the idea of buying a rev fire. I need to know some details of it before hand. First, does it require a full distance pitch (43')? Secondly, can it be thrown into a net and not a mitt? Thanks, James
  13. J

    Pitching coach North Texas

    Hi I am looking for a good pitching coach in the North Texas area (sherman) for my just turned 14 yo daughter. She is the starting varsity pitcher for her high school this year as a freshman, so I would like someone to work with her this off season. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  14. B

    Am I too old to start?

    I'm 14 and I play first base, third base, and in very very very very desperate measures, catcher. And recently I have been wondering about starting to pitch. Is it too late? I am currently playing 14u a a/b travel ball. I just thought it could be something for me to learn and something to help...
  15. D

    Parents calling out pitches.

    We played a tournament this weekend and had a bunch if parents from the other team sitting behind the backstop and telling the batters where our catcher was set up and calling out pitches when they could get them right. We did get a few by setting up outside and throwing down the middle, but...
  16. S

    Swollen hand when pitching

    I've been pitching for about 2 and a half years now, and when I first began training, I noticed that occasionally my hand would swell to be about twice (or more) than the size it should be. I've hit speeds of about 57, but my consistent speed is around 55. I've asked every coach and pitching...
  17. O

    Aurora Raiders 12U is looking for a few players to round out our roster

    The Aurora Raiders 12U team is looking for a few players to round out our roster for 2013 -2014. If interested, please send an email to oswegoponysoftball@gmail.com.
  18. Classof2020

    Team Decisions for Correct Development

    This is my first real post although I have been reading your posts and gleaning from your advice for about 9 months. I have been commiserating over the decision of what to do for next year for a few months now. My DD is 11 yo and is just finishing her first year of TB. She played one year of...
  19. coach james

    awesome pitcher...or was she?

    ASA tournament today, we saw one of the best pitchers we've ever seen. Kid had crazy movement, pinpoint accuracy, and was throwing 61 mph on average. In the middle of the game following the thrashing they put on us (10-2), someone says "man that rubber seems really close", after a time out to...
  20. D

    What does your DD/Player do to improve?

    I have a DD who is going to be a sophomore in HS next year and just came off of her freshman season and in going into her travel ball season soon. She is currently a mid to lower 50's mph pitcher, pitched JV and missed the K record in JV by 2 k's this year and had a no hitter. Now myself, my...

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