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    Not softball, but related to game pressure

    Those of us following Wimbledon will know that Emma Radacanu had to end her match early due to shortness of breath. There have been a lot of comments about this, but a couple that I liked are below. Especially the second comment. ""No question mental toughness can be what separates the best...
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    Are tournaments being canceled due to the heat?

    I saw that USATF postponed Olympic tryouts until around 9 P.M. in Eugene, Oregon. I think after a couple of athletes had to be taken away for heat exhaustion they realized they had a problem.
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    Triple plays

    The Yankees got out of quite a mess today with a timely triple play. Chapman had walked the 1st two batters and was 2-0 on the third when the batter hit the ball sharply to 3rd leading to a 5-4-3 triple play. I've never seen a triple play in softball without a base-running error or two. Does...
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    Shorts vs. Pants

    I saw this on Yahoo News today and wondered if there actually are opinions on shorts vs pants or if this is just a manufactured debate. I suppose if you are a pitcher and that is all you do, shorts are great. For...
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    With regard to softball commentators - a pet peeve - great softball players are NOT studs

    I occasionally hear a commentator refer to a great player as a real stud. And I remember Sierra Romero tweeting that her sister was a real stud after hitting a home run. Now, I am fairly progressive. And I don't have a problem with the fact that terms like "you guys" have become gender...
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    NCAA - Men vs. Women

    Nice piece in the Washington Post detailing how NCAA softball is not treated nearly as well as NCAA baseball. No surprises here, but maybe the NCAA will be shamed into making things better. You may need a subscription to read the link. There is a lot of talk about the disparities between the...
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    Oklahoma pummeled #* Texas this weekend. It was brutal. I will be interested to see how the Oklahoma battery fares against the best SEC and PAC10 teams.
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    Review of calls

    I wish they would implement a challenge system where coaches can ask for a review of 2 plays per game or something like that. In the Florida-UCLA game, the call at the plate was wrong and that cost Florida the game. And the problem is that they show the plays in slow-motion and even the...
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    Outlaw armbands

    I wish the armbands were banned. Teach the girls signals. Let catchers call games. They can learn.
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    Can you carry on a softball bat?

    We have to travel to a tournament and I would prefer to not check certain items. Does anybody know if it is permitted to carry on a softball bat?
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    Softball World Cup - random thoughts.

    I enjoyed watching the World Cup. Couple of random thoughts: Team USA is obviously composed off good players, but is it the best of the best? I have this impression that the best college teams could have held their own in the World Cup competition. I look forward to the day when NPF players...
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    Team USA - selection process

    How are the players selected for Team USA. Do a lot of potentially qualified players not even try for the team. While the team is obviously composed of very good players, it doesn't necessarily seem like the best of the best. Is this team a lot better than the best college teams? It's hard...
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    The art of the 7th inning - closing the deal

    Seems like it takes something special to win the 7th inning in a hard fought game. Having watched Arizona and Ole Miss come up short in the 7th and having seen my DD's team win 6/7 innings and then lose the game, it seems like the 7th inning is the one that sets great teams/coaches apart from...