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  1. Josh Greer

    How is travel for college away games handled?

    My daughter played ball for a small Christian college in the NAIA. All of her trips were school funded including travel, lodging and food. I can't speak for the larger schools, but she (who was a little thing) still had to supplement with additional food to stay in game shape. I think you...
  2. Josh Greer

    Black Dot Right Side???

    I would anticipate an offer for paid, ad free, account. We hit a lot of forums. That is generally the next common step after a major implementation of annoying ads.
  3. Josh Greer

    Fall 2021 Highlight Video

    One thing I've done (which is timely and a huge pain) is freeze the initial frame of each of the video clips. Then mask the player and apply a black and white filter on everything else. You can even place text/statistics on this frame. It makes for easy identification of the player in...
  4. Josh Greer

    My Poor Camera...

    Stupid nets.
  5. Josh Greer


    If you go to your account and preferences, there is a checkbox to turn off emails.
  6. Josh Greer

    Black Friday deals 2021?

    Hopefully this isn't too far off topic. But we are going to give away a new GoPro Hero 10 for Black Friday. Probably some other stuff too. No knives, but other stuff. :)
  7. Josh Greer

    Team Manager - Scoring/Streaming

    I believe carrier service at record time to be the biggest cause of that issue. It's why we recommend streaming and recording (with 2 different devices) at the same time. Streaming is handy and integrates the scoring systems. But recording to local media (internal memory) will always yield...
  8. Josh Greer

    Black Dot Right Side???

    Clicking the black dot works too.
  9. Josh Greer

    Black Dot Right Side???

    "Whoa, Black Dot Bam-ba-lam" It will be stuck in your head for days. You're welcome. :-)
  10. Josh Greer

    Snow ball

    We are in the Midwest. That means snow ball on Friday...catchers over heating on Sunday.
  11. Josh Greer

    Team Manager - Scoring/Streaming

    One thing to think of, your Mevo Plus will provide a much better stream than the GoPro (any GoPro). GoPro only allows the wide view when streaming. So you have wasted spaced on the sides, the action is pushed back so far, and often fence is in the shot. About the only way around this is to...
  12. Josh Greer

    Team Manager - Scoring/Streaming

    That is what we recommend; stream with a smartphone or mevo device and record with a GoPro.
  13. Josh Greer

    Team Manager - Scoring/Streaming

    One thing I would suggest if you plan on exporting a lot of streamed games. I highly recommend streaming with one device and recording with a second. If the signal is reduced on the stream, you won't get a quality video to download. This isn't a limitation of GC, but rather a limitation of...
  14. Josh Greer

    Streaming - Mevo and General

    Compact cameras with a good optical zoom work. Just be aware that most cameras that are primarily still cameras that also shoot video, usually limit recording time. This Sony camera will record 20 minutes before stopping. I stop and start between innings. Sony DSCHX90V
  15. Josh Greer

    POLL ~Umpires fudging with the strike zone area.

    Pick a zone and stay consistent. Should not depend on who is pitching or hitting.
  16. Josh Greer

    DD jamming thumb

    When you say jam, I'm assuming we are talking about a sprain in the thumb joint closest to the hand; generally caused by catching the ball on the lower heal of the mitt. I tend to disagree with getting a larger mitt to solve this. Not centering the ball and weak hand and wrist strength at this...
  17. Josh Greer

    Another rant

    If the catcher pockets it higher than the release point, yes. Otherwise no. That being said, most "riseballs" don't rise.
  18. Josh Greer

    The Affect Of Games Live Streamed For Recruitment

    We have developed a decent network of college coaches. Most have said that streaming is a game changer. It won't eliminate travel completely, but opens the door to a new screening process. Submitted videos are records of what players want coaches to see. Streaming includes the good, bad, and...
  19. Josh Greer

    Athletes Go Live Camera and Game Changer

    We will try to run a test to confirm. Just to make sure we repeat your setup, when you setup your shot, is your USB-C port on the bottom?

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