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  1. Josh Greer

    GoPro HERO8 Announcement ... initial thoughts.

    This is posted on our blog and will be maintained as new information is discovered. I don't want to cross any lines on this forum and post a direct link. DM me if you want the link and can't find it. Our goal is not to post everything about the GoPro. Rather, we want to show how any...
  2. Josh Greer

    Hijacked Ads are an infection to this website...

    I hate to be that guy, but I'm tired of having my device hijacked by these stupid ads. I get that it is a revenue stream to support the site. But seriously, you have to do a better job of blocking this crap. I eventually give up and leave. That defeats the purpose of an ad.
  3. Josh Greer

    We're all told...

    Tonight I watched my last softballer play her last game. It will be hard to put #4's catchers gear in storage. It is killing me, but I wouldn't change a thing; except for maybe it never ending. Now on to college volleyball for new memories and traditions. Proud father. "We're all told at...
  4. Josh Greer

    Custom Jersey

    (Not sure if this is the right spot for this post....mod's please move as needed) I am on the lookout for vendors that will custom make button up jerseys. I don't want to go as far as to say that money is no object, because of course it always is. But I am willing to spend some bucks to get...
  5. Josh Greer

    It's still April 1st....did you hear our new announcement?

    I know many of you saw this on FaceBook. If not, see below.
  6. Josh Greer

    Baseball-fever outage?

    Sorry to ask a question on this forum about another forum, but I know we have several here that contribute there as well. Baseball-fever has been down most of the week ("Forbidden" message). Anyone know the story, or more importantly, when they plan to be back up and running?
  7. Josh Greer

    GoPro Karma (drone) recall

    Not saying that all drones are evil. The technology certainly has its place. But this is why you don't want to fly them over people....specifically over ball players and spectators. At 2 or so pounds (for reference a baseball is about 0.33 pounds; softball is about 0.44 pounds) , free falling...
  8. Josh Greer

    GoPro HERO5 testing for baseball and softball

    I've been active in a baseball forum these days because, well, it's fall baseball season around here and my softball player plays volleyball this time of year. But I wanted to make sure I pass on the information we have learned from our GoPro HERO5 testing. Most of this is a blatant paste of...
  9. Josh Greer

    Old school bad father failures...

    "It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so." - Ironically attributed to Mark Twain...incorrectly So here's mine: Did you know they now say Hydrogen Peroxide actually slows down healing by killing good cells? Yea, me neither. After...
  10. Josh Greer

    Trying not to push product....but having a give away... (LynkSpyder)

    It is a balance for me on this site, trying very hard not to push our product and abuse the site for its intended purpose. But I also like to make you folks aware of new things we are doing. On Wednesday, 1/20/2016 at 6:00 PM central, we will be doing an interview on the International Slow...
  11. Josh Greer

    LynkSpyder - Black MTWTF Special (Limited Coupon Code)

    So we are coming up on a crazy holiday week. To kick things off right, we're announcing the release of our new website (same location: Home). I don't really want to waste forum time explaining all of the things we are now able to offer, except for one thing: We now have the capability to offer...
  12. Josh Greer

    GoPro Hero 4 Session...sports camera review

    As mentioned in another thread, we tested out the Hero 4 Session at a baseball tournament this weekend. Sorry...softball is over for the year for us, but I hope you will still find the content to be helpful if you are in the market for a new camera. I'm still trying to be non-biased, but I'm...
  13. Josh Greer

    Softball conferences and conventions?

    We are actively trying to add some conventions to our travel schedule for exhibit booths. We've setup some booths on some local venues but are going to try to travel to some others. Anyone know of any good conferences or conventions that would include softball folks?
  14. Josh Greer

    18U Gold National Championship, Hillsboro, OR

    Anyone at this tournament? Just got word they are using LynkSpyders to mount their live feed cameras. They are also using a product from SportzCast to handle the automatic score overlay from the scoreboard remote, which is a really cool setup (beats the heck out of adding score in post...
  15. Josh Greer

    Custom Marucci Wood Bat

    Hoping this doesn't get me booted. Not trying to solicit sales (well that's not true, I'm always open for sales), but have been a part of this forum for a while now and wanted to share the opportunity with some real Baseball/Softball fans. The dates for the second annual LynkSpyder Customer...
  16. Josh Greer

    Holiday Special: Free and discounted shipping

    Memorial Day Weekend Special! From now until 1:30 PM Central today (Friday), free Priority (normally $6) and half price Express (normally $20) shipping on all orders (up to 2 pieces per order). If you are on location, or headed that way, we can even ship express to your hotel. After checking...
  17. Josh Greer

    GoPro - 30 or 60 FPS for games

    We were recently asked why we suggest recording baseball/softball games in 30 frames per second (FPS), as apposed to 60 FPS. Here's the answer, (and it involves admitting that it is no longer valid for the GoPro Hero 4). At 1080p/30 FPS, the GoPro Hero 3 Black would hold about 6.5 hours of video...
  18. Josh Greer

    New GoPro....why can't I record as much?

    I posted this on our FaceBook page this morning, but thought I would pass it on to you all as well. We get this question quite a bit and thought this might help folks record their games with less trouble; specifically, running out of space in the middle of a game: (reference link on FaceBook)
  19. Josh Greer

    GoPro Hero 4 Entry Camera....suggestions.

    Several customers have been asking questions about the GoPro Hero 4 cameras for Christmas. Due to the low price of the Hero 4 entry camera, it has become popular among all of the questions. I would like to offer some points that you may or may not know, that perhaps shows that this camera is...
  20. Josh Greer

    Happy Thanksgiving...Pocket Radar Mount, anyone?

    Happy Thanksgiving, all! Anyone interested in a Pocket Radar mount? Available sometime 2014. Also offering a special through Monday (free shipping on all domestic orders)

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