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    Spring break HS Tournament

    HS coach is holding a meeting for planning a FL tournament during spring break. Has anyone got advice or recommendations for a good tournament?
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    What's the deal with leg strength?

    While it is widely agreed softball pitching requires leg strength, I haven't picked up on how strong legs create speed. Could somebody explain how this works?
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    Pitching Mechanics Conflict at Tryout

    This evening my DD and I visited with coaches at a tryout after she was offered a spot on the team. Their resident pitching coach was convinced my daughter should be rotating the ball toward third at 9 o'clock and have her hand behind the ball at the bottom of the circle. I give a lot of credit...
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    Lake County IL Slapper Coach

    DD wants to try slap hitting. She's faster than most and decent base runner so could be good if it works. Any coaches in the area?
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    Starting 2nd Team for Out of State Play

    Our current organization won't allow the team to play outside of the county and no tournaments at all. Would it be possible to form a 2nd team team with the current roster, unaffiliated with the organization, in another county or state for fall ball?
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    50mph or Bust

    I set an ultimatum for DD last winter when looking for a new team due to unforeseen circumstances. She was 2nd yr 12U, but there were several decent opportunities at 14U she was interested in. At the time I told her 14U is another level and her game fastball speed needs to be 50mph minimum with...

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