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    How would travel ball change "If pitchers were put on a pitch count"?

    West has already answered this question very well but I will add just a bit more. How this system discourages pitching growth. 1. Fastpitch is played in age groups of 2 years. The age range makes it difficult to stay the best option for a coach since every other year you may be...
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    How would travel ball change "If pitchers were put on a pitch count"?

    'Please dont work on developing skills (like pitching) on your own' is exactly what coaches do with actions not words. The current system discourages coaches from being able to develop pitching.
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    monkey butt and quad dominance, Are they linked?

    "I bicycle a lot--I rode 36 miles yesterday--so I'm ridiculously quad dominant." This statement has rolled around in my head for a while. Is there an equivalent activity that uses only glutes ? Jumping rope ?
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    How would travel ball change "If pitchers were put on a pitch count"?

    It is obvious that we would need more players that can pitch. The current system discourages pitchers growth in many ways. One of those ways would be, coaches are forced to play the "ace" as long as they are effective. Coaches would be able to help grow a developing pitcher if they had...
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    Outfield Glove 13yo

    marucci glove marucci glove 13" The 13" has worked well for mine and she is the same age and size. The one we got has 2 fingers in the pinky, this took no time for her to adjust to. Her pitching glove is an A2000 and I think this glove is better built.
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    How would travel ball change "If pitchers were put on a pitch count"?

    How would travel ball change "If pitchers were put on a pitch count"? I am asking in regards to game play and team construction. Would it help or hurt the fast pitch game in general?
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    Practice ball recommendations

    If you are buying for pitching only, I think it is best to look at whatever balls are used in games and get those. Takes out one more variable for the pitcher..
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    Drop ball string target

    This one in the pic is flat while other I have seen are round. Does it matter on deflection?
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    Why are we playing on Friday?

    The other silly part is paying for the tourney that you are not going to be playing in due to a conflict with school time.
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    Another day in trophy chasing

    What is wrong with the idea of "win then move up"? I see so many coaches in the 10u to 14u that want to classify as something they are not with the mantra of "iron sharpens iron" or "play the best to be the best". How about a coach that gets the best out of his team at whatever level that is.
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    Best and easiest Screwball

    Well, when you put it that way, maybe my DD should have started with the screwball since we already had so many of the key requirements.
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    Best and easiest Screwball

    Seems like a trick question.
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    Batting Glove with back hand padding

    Some of the gloves in that link look awesome.
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    Marucci Magnolia 1st base glove. Good option?

    We have the same glove and I would agree with everything posted.
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    A/B/C for pitchers

    I think pitchers confidence can be broken easier than other positions. Pitchers put a lot of time into the craft and coaches that are constantly picking competition above the teams ability seems to be sacrificing there own pitchers/team for personal ego.
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    A/B/C for pitchers

    Are parents of pitchers more concerned about making sure the teams actual level "A/B/C" matches the level of competition? Meaning The coach says we are an "A" team but the teams talent level looks like "B".
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    POLL~ is Fastpitch a Balanced sport now?

    When the "powers that be" changed baseball/softball in the past was the reasoning only over game play or is safety ever brought up?
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    Pitching drills for inside the house.

    That is a very nice list you have put together.
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    Sports that require hotels?

    What other youth sports require hotel stays as much as softball / baseball ? I know for softball a lot of it depends on the location tournaments and Class of team.
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    Infield Masks

    bounced off of the facemask and was caught by the center fielder?

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