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    Spring break HS Tournament

    HS coach is holding a meeting for planning a FL tournament during spring break. Has anyone got advice or recommendations for a good tournament?
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    What's the deal with leg strength?

    While it is widely agreed softball pitching requires leg strength, I haven't picked up on how strong legs create speed. Could somebody explain how this works?
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    What about FPS? The more I pay attention, the more I think this may be the most overlooked stat.
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    You lost me here or maybe you see Moneyball as an exercise in outspending one's opponents. Moneyball is more commonly recognized as using data, specifically OBP and OBS for making lineup decisions. Back to softball pitching. It's not baseball pitching. You win a lot of games with one shutdown...
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    If you follow the Moneyball formula, assuming the team has average but solid fielding, hitting and baserunning and serviceable pitching, I think a team could win a lot of games, but said team will not win championships without shutdown pitching. Behind every shutdown pitcher is a great catcher...
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    Great pitching = Fewer errors
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    Should we just keep looking for a pitching coach? HE vs I/R

    Need 4 pitches in 10u is comical. Did this PC also tell you she has to throw 50mph to get any time in the circle so you should schedule 4 lessons a week to get there? Imho the vast majority of 10u pitchers in local travel tournaments have 2 pitches. Strikes and balls. At that age and level...
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    Pitching Mechanics Conflict at Tryout

    That's exactly what I want to avoid. She's played for coaches that knew little about pitching and that presented an obstacle that at times hurt her development but playing for someone that has pitched and doesn't understand the dynamics of modern softball pitching could be exponentially worse...
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    Pitching Mechanics Conflict at Tryout

    I appreciate all the feedback being offered and really supports our decision to agree to disagree then walk away. I gave up trying to change someone’s mind a long time ago.
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    Pitching Mechanics Conflict at Tryout

    This evening my DD and I visited with coaches at a tryout after she was offered a spot on the team. Their resident pitching coach was convinced my daughter should be rotating the ball toward third at 9 o'clock and have her hand behind the ball at the bottom of the circle. I give a lot of credit...
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    College freshman playing 18u

    That FloSoftball #1 ranked player is also playing for Team USA U18 correct? Generational talent...
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    College freshman playing 18u

    Valerie Cagle, born Jan 7th 2002, is playing Team USA U18 softball. Probably the most accomplished pitcher to ever play on that team.
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    Need pitching coach

    Search Tincher Pitching and you'll find coach Jill near St Charles. She currently has several pitching D1.
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    Lake County IL Slapper Coach

    DD wants to try slap hitting. She's faster than most and decent base runner so could be good if it works. Any coaches in the area?
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    What would DD do?

    The way this last year has gone, my DD's best friend group is her team so her decision would have been easy...
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    Starting 2nd Team for Out of State Play

    Our current organization won't allow the team to play outside of the county and no tournaments at all. Would it be possible to form a 2nd team team with the current roster, unaffiliated with the organization, in another county or state for fall ball?
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    50mph or Bust

    That video is a poor example of her pitch at this point and likely didn't need to get posted since the flaws in her mechanics aren't a secret to either of us. She's gone back to using a backswing and got back a couple mph that was lost in the transition and also isn't skipping forward on the...
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    50mph or Bust

    This got a little off target. My struggle stands with the ultimatum set a few months ago and my concern over getting tattooed and/or sacrificing mechanics trying to get her pitches to work. I appreciate all the pitching advice and it supports much of which we already know. Old habits are...
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    50mph or Bust

    Comments appreciated! She too may never pitch over 60mph and I prefer not to sweat it either. I just fear at some point the game will outgrow her and it would be a sad day should that happen. I've often said watching her pitch is the most beautiful thing I've seen, because it allows her to be...
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    50mph or Bust

    More speed, more spin, more break...

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