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  1. chinamigarden

    Masters Degree in Engineering

    Its been her goal since 11th grade. Her goal was a Masters degree in 5 years. She graduated HS in 2015 and here we are in 2020 and yesterday she completed her requirements. Only thing left is for the paperwork to finalize. Her degrees are Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, and the Masters in...
  2. chinamigarden

    This all sucks, but...

    I'm thinking about my dds last year of HS ball and how it would have sucked to not have played. How lucky we were that her last season of travel and of club ball happened. I'm looking at local kids I've known since they were 4 or 5, Hanging around the park while their older sister played, And...
  3. chinamigarden

    What I miss

    Now that softball is pretty much delayed or cancelled all over. I miss the first year coaches and fans who come on this forum and complain about a rule being misapplied. When it wasn’t Honestly some of the best comedy this forum provides. In full disclosure I may have been that newbie once...
  4. chinamigarden

    OTF HR. Coach hugs baserunner

    Ok umps and rules people. This question came up in a thread no UMP has read and it’s gotten almost heated. On an OTF home run. Batter/runner is rounding third and the coach gives her a hug. Is the batter out? If yes does this hug count as assisting the runner?
  5. chinamigarden

    Saying goodbye to the sidelines.

  6. chinamigarden


    My dd made a decision when she was in 9th grade. One I have discussed several times before. She told me that she would not be playing college softball so she could focus on academics. When she went to college she missed softball and was able to play club softball. The team went to 2 Nationals...
  7. chinamigarden

    Off topic: Motorcyclists

    Yesterday as I was driving home, a car ran a stop sign and caused an accident with a motorcyclist. The accident happened on the corner where I live. We live in a rural area so its all deep ditches. I didn't see the accident but I was the the second car on the scene. I found the MC rider in a...
  8. chinamigarden

    Baseball equivalant

    Does anyone know a similar board for baseball equipment questions. Specifically bat questions? TIA
  9. chinamigarden

    Kentucky HS equipment rule.

    I just read that Kentucky is requiring masks for pitchers and corner infielders. First domino to fall, or outlier?
  10. chinamigarden

    All American, what?

    Since my dd retired from the game this year I assumed my participation in this part of the forum was complete, except for in 3 years when she gets her electrical engineering degree and her masters in Biomedical Engineering. But I get ahead of myself. She just texted me to tell me that she was...
  11. chinamigarden

    Infield fly rule called after the fact

    OK, so first off I know that if the IFF isn't called, the umps can and probably should sort it out and make the correct call after the fact. However, how should this situation been handled. Runners on 1st and 2nd, no outs, pop up between pitcher and home and no one gets there in time. No IFF...
  12. chinamigarden

    Its happening again. DD's last games are approaching

    My dd quit the game after HS. It came as no surprise since from grade 9 she told me she didn't want to play college. She could have, several of her past teammates have and do, but it wasn't what she wanted out of her college experience. So at her last HS game we said goodbye to the game. Her...
  13. chinamigarden

    Things overheard at a game

    My DD handles the Team's finances and one of her duties is to pay the umps. One ump calls out to her after the game "hey Natalie, you spelled Dennis' name wrong." How did I spell it? "Gary"
  14. chinamigarden

    Michigan's coach wins ESPNW Pat Summitt coaching award

    Congrats to Coach Hutchins 2016 espnW Pat Summitt Coaching Award -- Michigan softball coach Carol Hutchins
  15. chinamigarden

    Coach Rant

    What should we do? OK so our team's manager is usually pretty good but I am starting to think that he is only considered good because the team wins. So we are in a tourney and he completely drops the ball on how to use his pitchers. He completely over uses his most effective pitcher rendering...
  16. chinamigarden

    In defense of HS ball

    Interesting article. Looks at playing school ball from different sides. The Value of School-Ball | Softball is for Girls - Softball is for Girls
  17. chinamigarden

    Differential Equations and Linear Algebra

    My dd's math class this year in her first semester of her sophomore year of college. That's my whole brag, she is taking math classes I never heard of before.
  18. chinamigarden

    Its Back Baby. Softball is in the 2020 olympics

    https://www.olympic.org/news/ioc-executive-board-supports-tokyo-2020-package-of-new-sports-for-ioc-session HE EXECUTIVE BOARD (EB) OF THE INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE (IOC) TODAY SUPPORTED THE PROPOSAL TO ADD THE PACKAGE OF FIVE NEW SPORTS TO THE PROGRAMME OF THE OLYMPIC GAMES TOKYO 2020. IF...
  19. chinamigarden

    National player of the year

    Sierra Romero. Well deserved.
  20. chinamigarden

    Batter runner leaves baseline to avoid tag

    Does the ump call this, or does the defensive team have to appeal?

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