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    Nicknames on Profile Sheets? Yes or No?

    DD is Murph when it comes to softball. Always has been. But it’s pretty apparent who Murph is when you look at the roster
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    Coach goes off the deep end?

    What age group? Yes you were wrong to say something in the parking lot. Yes he was wrong to call you twice. I don’t understand how not having practice is going to make them better though.
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    How good does our team need to be to get exposure and recruited?

    First off she needs to find a team that plays in showcases. Coaches go to showcases and if she emails them that she is there and her schedule they just might come watch part of a game. As nice as everyone on her team is it’s time to focus on your DD and her end goals. If she wants to...
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    Daddy Ball

    This happened when DD was playing 12u. Usually there were tons of moms around at practice but not this night. I got a call from the girl’s mom asking if I could bring her supplies because she was on her way but got a flat tire. When I got there I was told that one of us moms always...
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    Daddy Ball

    For me the biggest issue with parent coaches is they tend to be friendlier with all of the other parents and sometimes coaching decisions were made based on which parent they didn’t want to listen to complain over beers that night.
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    How would you classify...

    Is she getting academic money from that D3? If so call and ask if there is any more money possible. You never know.
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    Coach saying it's time to leave

    Challenge her. Find a team where she’s middle of the road in talent. Let her hard work speak for her. It’s no fun being one of the best on a mediocre team.
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    Why is the deciding WCWS championship game at 3pm???

    It would be if 20 year old DD was the one driving. 😂😂 DS drives all kinds of machinery at his agricultural high school, he’s actually a really good driver.
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    Why is the deciding WCWS championship game at 3pm???

    Not thrilled with the time either but I’ll just make 16 year old DS drive while I watch the game in the car. Should only be for the first 20 minutes.
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    Tips for finding a team that wants a slapper

    I’m always shocked when there’s any player on any team who hasn’t been taught to bunt. DD’s team has a power hitter, not very fast girl that you would never ever expect to bunt so when she does it usually ends up with her reaching on an error and a run scoring.
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    Move Up to 16U or stay 14U?

    If she wants to play in college it’s time to get her on an A team playing in larger tournaments and showcases
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    Pitching at the CWS--the Fouts meltdown

    Option 4. She’s human, she had a bad day. Maybe she wasn’t feeling well, who knows. I think he should have pulled her sooner because it was pretty clear she wasn’t having a good outing pretty early.
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    Tips for finding a team that wants a slapper

    Make sure she can drop a bunt, hit away and slap. I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find a team if she did that. DD does all 3 and loves to hit one derp when they defense is expecting a bunt or slap
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    Someone explain this to me Hitting Hype

    Here we go again……..
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    What is the little box (~1in x 1/2in) in Odicci Alexander's back left pocket?

    It looks like most of the players on JMU have it.
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    Why are some D3 teams better than others?

    Totally agree. Did to Covid DD’s team ended up with just 2 pitchers this past season and one girl who could throw an inning or two if needed. Their conference played in pods and played 6 games against each team in the pod. Having limited pitching was a huge issue. There are 6 incoming...
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    DIII recruitment-can a player tell the coach she wants to commit to the team before being officially offered.

    Early summer after DD’s junior year she sent an email to the HC that they were her #1 choice and got a response back that the was one of their top choices too and they wanted to schedule an overnight in the fall. This was pre Covid so it was a lot easier. After the overnight the coach told...
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    How has the college softball spring season gone with COVID restrictions?

    The school my DD goes to has more students living off campus than on so even with online classes last year the kids were mostly there. The ones that quit after the season started were saying it was because of the anxiety they were having from the restrictions and getting tested 3x a week.
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    How has the college softball spring season gone with COVID restrictions?

    DD had as close to normal season as they could. No preseason trip and they played in pod so they played Sat/Sun/Wed double headers against the same team and then the next week it switched. They only had one player need to quarantine but did have a 6 games pause that was sort of non-Covid...
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    At some point players have to...

    I guess technically 🤣🤣but probably not the type of leading they should be doing

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