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    Second team all conference

    This was definitely a challenging season for many reasons, Covid, some players not on campus and not playing because of Covid, injuries, and some personal family issues but she held it together and made Second team all conference again. She led the team in a bunch of categories and led the...
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    I spoke too soon, she broke her bat 😢

    I just commented the other day that DD was about 2 years in to her Ghost and everything was good. She sent me a picture last night, nice crack in it. On a positive note, she doesn’t usually 2 years before she breaks them, it usually happens about 6 weeks after the warranty runs out
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    Never been happier not to have to clean her uniforms

    Man, this kid gets dirty. Very thankful colleges do the uniform laundry.
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    It’s game day!!!!

    Unfortunately no spectators so I’ll be live streaming from home but I’m so happy they get to have a season. she also decided today that she’s doing a Masters in 5 program and hopes to play an additional year.
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    The Spring Games

    Who is headed down in the next few weeks. DD’s first games are Saturday 3/6.
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    Wow, what a freshman season!!

    Led the team in batting average, OBP, and runs scored 1st in the conference for stolen bases 2nd in the conference for OBP 5th in the conference for batting average Rookie of the week twice and 2nd team all-conference. I’m so proud of this kid both on and off the field this year. Not a bad...
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    Rookie of the week!!

    DD just found out she received Rookie of the week for her conference. I’m so proud of this kid for earning a starting spot on a squad of 18 kids with a total of 9 freshmen. She’s leading the team in most categories, batting lead off and playing CF. I’m so excited for her and what the...
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    Spring training

    Got to watch some of DD’s spring training in FL this week. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has to bring. DD was able to start all 10 games, playing her primary position and batting lead off. The team ended up 4-6 on the week but on a team with 9 freshmen there was a decent...
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    Just dropped her off at college

    Crazy emotional day but I managed without crying. Don’t blink. High school goes by so fast.
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    Ending high school career as a state champion!!

    DD’s high school team has been largely made up of girls she’s played with forever. This years team was a group of girls who won 10U Eastern Nationals together 7 years ago. They’ve made the post season every year, being sectional champs and sectional runner ups but this year they brought it...
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    DD verballed this morning

    Could not be any prouder of how hard she has worked to make this happen. Now to get the application going. Seems like just yesterday she was picking daisies in the outfield.
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    Going, going, GONE!!!!

    DD is a junior in HS, last season and all summer she was hitting the ball closer and closer to the fence, had hit a few over during practice and bounced a few over during games. Today was the last scrimmage before the season opener and she launched one over the centerfield fence. Never seen...
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    It was only during hitting practice but.....

    DD hit her first ball over the fence. A big accomplishment for my 5'4" 110 lb kid. Special thanks to Coresoftball for the great price on the Xeno that she was using when she hit it.
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    Finally got the warranty replacement LXT and.....

    she doesn't like it. We had to buy her a new bat when the LXT broke because it was going to be quite a while for a replacement. Got her a 2015 Xeno because she had been using a high school teammates bat after hers broke. Hitting and slapping great with the Xeno. 8 weeks later we get the...
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    Thank Goodness that is over.

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    Rostered with 2 teams?

    Is it "legal" to be rostered with 2 teams in the same age division with USSSA. I know that with ASA you cannot do this without dropping from one team and adding to another.
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    Bat help

    DD is 12, about 4'10" and maybe 75 lbs soaking wet. Has crazy muscle tone for a kid her size. She's been swinging a 30" 18 oz Easton Reflex for the past 3 years and it's time for a new bat but I'm at a loss as to what to get her. She's got a decent amount of power for her size but doesn't...

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