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  1. softgabby

    Umpire hits Abreu with bat

    I saw the clip of Abreu being hit with that bat. I could imagine how something like that would have played in Philadelphia and it happened to a Phillies player. Our media would have lost their minds. But, in my years of playing, I've never seen an umpire pick up a bat unless the bat is going to...
  2. softgabby

    Where to get equipment at fly away tournaments

    I guess my family has been lucky in that we really haven't had issues with getting equipment when we've had to fly for a tournament. I've only had to really fly to Texas and Florida for tournaments. Thankfully, I have family in both states where we could use spare lawn chairs and canopies for...
  3. softgabby

    Mush Balls in Play...

    At the tournament my sister just played in, the balls had a great sound coming off the bat for both sides. Plus it seemed like the balls went just as far. On another note, another coach for a team my sister pitched against, accused her of cheating because she struck out 12, gave up a hit and...
  4. softgabby

    Guess I'll start an off-topic thread?

    Finally, good news on many fronts. I followed @ANNASDAD 's advice and got myself a RAV-4 for my new vehicle to replace my Jeep that broke down. My dad and I were to several dealerships looking at different vehicles and a RAV-4 just spoke to me. I got a 2019 model with ~18k miles on it. I really...
  5. softgabby

    Guess I'll start an off-topic thread?

    I think my dad and brother would like these. But my dad would kill me if I spent $400 on a pair of boots for him. :LOL:
  6. softgabby

    Guess I'll start an off-topic thread?

    Thank you so much for this. I didn't really have my heart set on getting an H3, anyway. I've heard getting parts for them is really hard and when you do find parts...they're really pricey. Plus, I don't know what gas prices are in your area of North Carolina, but I'm paying between $3.199 and...
  7. softgabby

    Guess I'll start an off-topic thread?

    Ugh...more on the "when it rains...it pours" front. I found out when I am going to be back in orthodontics. I'm going to be back in braces the day after Independence Day (which is also my birthday). I'm a bit solemn that I'll be sporting braces again as a college student. But it's my own...
  8. softgabby

    Guess I'll start an off-topic thread?

    *sigh* I guess it's true what it says on the container of Morton's Salt..."When it rains, it pours". Let me tell the story of my crappy week so far. Monday, I got a call from my PCP's office to set up a follow-up appointment from my visit to the ER in York County for my injured ankle. I get the...
  9. softgabby

    Guess I'll start an off-topic thread?

    I didn't watch what Mickelson did. Honestly, I don't watch golf. I'd rather play on the opportunity I get to do so. But, what he did was amazing as I heard about it on Sportscenter.
  10. softgabby

    I have missed you guys!

    Welcome back, Blue.
  11. softgabby

    Michigan vs. Washington- obstruction

    As a catcher, I'm not sure how I feel about this play. I had to watch the play several times over and still don't know if it's obstruction or not. I mean the throw did carry the catcher over the line. I had a similar play a few years ago in high school where I had to set up on the grass close...
  12. softgabby


    I had never seen Gabbie pitch before since my exposure to the PAC-12 is very limited since I really don't watch much PAC-12 stuff. OMG is she good. Maybe the nastiest change I've seen.
  13. softgabby

    Make your picks - NCAA BRACKET

    Both of those games ought to be pretty good. I think Michigan should come out of the Seattle bracket but I'm not exactly sleeping on Washington either. I don't know who's going to come out of that Texas/Oregon matchup. I'd probably give a slight edge to Oregon even though I think the Longhorns...
  14. softgabby

    Guess I'll start an off-topic thread?

    Thanks for the get well wishes, AD. The whole thing is...I got hurt doing something stupid. We got my brother, SIL, sister and dad here in my dorm helping packing stuff and loading it for the hour and a half trip home. Hopefully, your feeling better.
  15. softgabby

    Guess I'll start an off-topic thread?

    Back on campus getting ready to head home for summer break after being eliminated at our conference softball tourney. Spent some quality time at the ER with a sprained ankle last night. Shouldn't hinder my summer too much but still have to wear this darn boot for the next few weeks. Ugh...hate...
  16. softgabby

    Make your picks - NCAA BRACKET

    Honestly, I think Seattle U could be a sleeper for a little bit (if they haven't been eliminated by this point). They did a good job of putting the Big Ten's best team (Michigan) off balance. Also, don't sleep on the Wolverines just yet. I think their pitching still has something to show and prove.
  17. softgabby

    Make your picks - NCAA BRACKET

    I still stand behind what I said before and would love to see JMU/OU play each other. I think that game would be epic.
  18. softgabby

    Worst Non Softball Sport for Softball Players

    I bowl sometimes. But mostly just for fun with my teammates on a Friday or Saturday night. We get pretty competitive, sometimes.
  19. softgabby

    Worst Non Softball Sport for Softball Players

    My boyfriend got me into playing during the fall semester. It's a lot more fun to play than it it is to watch. Also, a very humbling game.
  20. softgabby

    Make your picks - NCAA BRACKET

    I would love to see OU and James Madison play. James Madison has had a great season so far and I'm shocked they only have one loss. Ultimately, I think OU will be the national champions.

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