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    More leather

    Picked up this beauty, as per my understanding limited quantity of them were made..
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    To move or not.

    Idk if I am on the right section but if I am not feel free to move it, long story short pulled DD of her 10u team this weekend things did not ended as planned (lots of problems going on w headcoach) same tournament a 12u team DD helps was playing and need it a player she changed and finished...
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    How to deal with Error

    This past Saturday ship 10u game dd was on the rubber, lots of errors on defense, simple grounders would turn into doubles or triples., pitcher and catcher trying their best to keep game alive. After loosing game DD comes out to me and ask me, “why is my team letting us down” (referring to...
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    New leather 😆

    Just picked up these two beauties . I am a Rawlings person but couldn’t pass on this deal Both a2000 ks7 12inch
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    What’s consider crow hop/leaping

    Played a tournament this weekend 10u, told field blue about crow hoping on pitcher, he said it was ok because her toe was pointing down...(you could literally see about a foot or so on the hop) utrip rules sooo my questions is what’s crow hop then ? and why some blues call it and some don’t...
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    WTB Boombah super bat bag

    It’s time for a new one DD currently has a custom super bag roller that team gave her about 2 years ago, now it’s time for a replacement bag . I saw them on boombah website. Are there any other options about the same size ? Thank you
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    Staying “tall”

    What’s a good drill to teach young pitchers to stay tall after a pitch/release, DD started to lean after pitch was released, she wasn’t doing it now she’s starting to . thanks *will try to post recent video
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    Big organizations.

    How do big organizations work ? DDs team is not an organization it was a team that came out of rec, since 8u fast forward year and half later DD is a good pitcher and couple of organizations wants her on team, I got an offer her on the field and me on assistant coach, ?? She gets a lot of...
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    WTB Pocket radar ball/smart coach radar

    Looking into buying a pocket radar, which one you guys recommend and best price out there lol, Gonna be use to monitor my DD pitching speed thanks
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    9 year old pitching

    Been working with her for the past 9 months now she’s getting some classes from a college pitcher, my time to relax on the other side of fence, comments and suggestions are welcome
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    Game balls ?

    So here is the deal, our organization has a 10u and 8u team, we are currently using thunderheat which I did not like I think scb11 are better, where do you guys buy softballs from ? Or what’s a good website to order them from ?
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    Back step ?

    DD is the pitcher for her 10u team this week she got called out for doing back step pitch.... non sanction tourney, I got into a little discussion with the blues and they said it was only allowed on 14u and up, this was her 2nd game pitching, they didn’t call her on 1st game, now got with...
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    Batting cage ???

    Hello, been debating on adding a batting cage to my backyard, space is not an issue, what are y’all recommendations ? It will also serve as a pitching cage DD is playing 10u, also looking into add a pitching machine ... thanks
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    WTB Catchers mitt

    Hello everybody!! What’s you alls recommendations for a catchers glove I’ll be using it myself to practice with DD, (brings back memories when I used to catch lol) currently I have a 33 inch all star but it’s too small for my hands, tried a 34 inch and I like it.. what’s you alls recommendations...
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    Infield glove

    I know this topic been asked around many times but here it is again I am in the market of buying my DD a new glove she currently got a mizzuno from academy but keeps on dropping balls when closing it, so yesterday she asked me to borrow my glove and didn’t drop any... (I know it’s weird, her...
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    Bats bats bats lol

    Yesterday I bought my DD another bat a xenon 2019 was a good deal and couldn’t let it go by.. 30/19 -11 (brand new) ,she’s got a Demarini cf zen same size and weight, yesterday at practice DD was using the xenon and let me tell you she hitting good hits better than with the Demarini, now just...
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    Usssa age group.

    Hello, coach just sent us a message saying the team is moving up to 10u for next season due to usssa age chart most of our girls are late babies, so they will be 8 and playing 10u. Aug. 1, 2019 - July 31, 2020. I thought it was till December 31,19 This is only for usssa or applies for all the...
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    Dropping right elbow

    Hello was talking to my daughters trainers and he said she’s dropping right elbow and extending her lef elbow too soon causing it to loose power, this is her 3rd year playing softball but her first year playing year round last two years she only played with a rec team meaning 2-3 months out of...
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    Hello from RGV Texas !

    Hello from the rgv Texas, I have a daughter 8 years old that’s playing on 8u right now started since tball but with a rec team so she only got 3 months of play time a year now this is the first year she join a select travel team, team is barely starting out from rec players. She currently...

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