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    Wisconsin Men's Fastpitch

    Good Morning, I was wondering if anyone on the site can put me into contact with a men's fastpitch pitcher that would be willing to throw live BP. We are willing to make a drive we are located in SE WI (milw area). Thanks
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    Left or Right

    Here are videos from each side ball exit has been measured at 68 and 70 from each side, at a "combine" camp and very high 60s at a college camp. Feedback welcome, stay switch or stick with a side, what are your thoughts?
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    Austin Wasserman Clinic

    My DD has been to a lot of clinics/camps. This past weekend she attended one with Austin Wasserman, and Lincoln Martin. I would say this is by far one of the better clinics for the money!! Kid to instructor ratio was great. We have been to a couple of Rick Pauley’s clinics, Austin started off...
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    Icing Shoulder After Pitching

    I've been looking at this topic online to ice or not to ice after pitching. Feedback here would be welcome. Thanks
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    what do college coaches prefer

    What has more of an impact on a college coach a skills video or highlights video? Or foregoing either and attending camps?
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    filming question

    What are or is the best angle to shoot video from for feedback?

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