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    We Shook Hands!

    Notable only because it hasn't happened in so long, and the default has been this line up on the foul lines and wave, but at tournament this weekend after the championship game (which our team lost, ugh, to a team we have a friendly rivalry with), the girls lined up, shook hands (or high fived)...
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    2 leaving base appeals today

    First, it was hotter than 2 rats in a wool sock today, so hats off to all girls and umps... Game 1: runners on first and third, 1 out. Pop up to F4, catch, doubles off runner at first, but not before runner at third scored (without tagging up). Defense leaves field. Coach asks, does that run...
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    A little blood and some toughness

    Played with 9 yesterday, and with our starting SS out, DD filled in admirably... got spiked on a steal - cleat to the knee, some blood and some tears...coach asked her if she wanted to sit...no way, coach, we’ve only got 9 players....one batter later, another steal, stood her ground with a nice...
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    BR retreats from 1B by mistake, is force re-established?

    I posted this scenario that happened in a game I did this weekend in a softball umpires FB group, but didn't really receive a satisfactory answer. Maybe some of you can weigh in: "USA, 16u, 0 outs, no runners on base. Batter hits a towering pop up to F6, runs to first and touches the base...
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    A thread for the umps...what would you do’s, oddball plays, war stories

    So, first year ump. At this point I’ve done 40 or so games. 90% are solo, and only a couple have I had someone there to evaluate or comment. So I’m definitely missing the feedback and chatter with other umps. Thought it would be nice just to share questions, weird plays, whatever. A couple just...
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    July Tryouts + August extended season = recipe for disaster?

    Anyone else thinking that having traditionally timed end of July tryouts (at least here in Northeast) in combination with the covid-driven extended season into August is a recipe for potential bitterness, hurt feelings, and a whole lot of awkward? Thinking of girls who switch teams but still...
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    Friendly R1 or interference?

    So, last night (12u friendly), our R1 steals second - on the tag the ball pops out and lands on her chest. As she's lying down, feet on the bag, she picks the ball up and hands it to SS, who casually takes it and throws it back to pitcher. There was no call, and in this situation, I think...
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    D3K / Lookback not enforced until BR leaves field?

    Apologies if it's been asked before, but... USSSA. R1 on 3B, 1 out. Uncaught 3rd strike, unaware BR heads towards dugout (instead of running to 1B), catcher fires to pitcher in circle. Do you have to wait for the BR to exit the field to enforce lookback rule on R1? (if the BR heads for 1B...
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    Circle Scribe

    Built this 1-person pitchers circle scribe. Less than 7 bucks in materials (10 foot 3/4 in pvc pipe, elbow joint, t-joint, 2 deck screws). Draws a perfect 8 foot circle in less than 20 seconds. Just making the most of a week off from work...
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    Brag about a loss - amazing game

    Can I brag about my team for a loss? 10U, did our one and only “away” summer tournament this weekend in Rhode Island. Last year (as a young mostly first year 10U team) at this one we didn’t win a single game, 0-3 in pool, and one and done in bracket. This year, went 2-1 in the pool, won the...
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    Power of role models - how to make your girls FLY at practice

    One of our families has a connection to a college player who is home for the summer - she was gracious enough to be a guest at our 10U practice last night. She came in the second half of practice, spent about 30 minutes (worth it) sitting down with them and answering all their questions (and...
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    Penalty for not able to bat full lineup

    Playing in Babe Ruth tournament next weekend. Part of rules pack states: "The lineup can consist of an EH, but once the lineup contains 10, the team must finish with 10 in the lineup. Failure to do so, results in a forfeit." I can't find anywhere in the actual BR rulebook where this is the...
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    Interference after deflection?

    USA/ASA, 10U. Runner on 2b, batter hits hard grounder to pitcher, deflects off her glove towards SS who attempts to field the grounder. Now, last night in our game, the runner managed to avoid the SS (but it was close), but let's say they did make contact - does the deflection negate an...
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    Don't Lie to me, Coach

    Some needless coaching drama for a Friday... 10u, game on the schedule for weeks…Friday night under the lights (a slot we have to fight for with 12u, 14u, and women’s league) because it’s pretty popular and it’s the only field in town with lights). On Wednesday, opposing coach (team X) asks us...
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    Omg girls, take a break...

    These girls (our 2 catchers) just played 9 games, and 3 practices, in 10 days...we sent them home after getting bounced in the semis from today’s tournament telling them to take a break...what do they do after showering and before heading to the bbq...?
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    Winter work payoff

    When the opposing coach after the game takes the time to tell you how impressed he was by both catchers (split 3/3), that he had his catcher sit next to him and point out all the little things they were doing - super proud. He said “it was like a clinic”. That and DD was 3/3 with a triple...
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    12yo DD swing eval

    Hope I linked the video correctly. This is my 10yo DD. She's made a ton of progress over the winter, getting some load instead of starting from dead stop, better at not rolling hands over immediately after contact. Still some things here I would like some tips on. Particularly it feels still a...
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    Bush or not?

    Apologies if it’s been discussed before, heading into our travel season, interested to hear thoughts... Bush or not bush? (And does it depend on level/age)? For reference, we’re a second year 10u B local team. First the scenarios, then my answers: 1. 3-0 bunt wave take 2. Fake bunt - swing 3...
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    Another young swing to dissect

    Really learning a lot from the advice I’ve seen given here, hoping you all can comment on my 10u DD’s swing: https://vimeo.com/308626067?utm_source=email&utm_medium=vimeo-cliptranscode-201504&utm_campaign=29220 Hope that video posts... I grew up on 90’s Doyle Baseball hitting, which at least...
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    Dead ball after fist bump?

    Happened this past summer at a USSSA tournament, 10U, I'm coaching 1B. No on, 0 outs, single to left, runner rounds first, comes back to bag - I give her first bump for nice hit as the ball is being thrown in to the SS - I know now this was dumb, we both should have been paying attention to the...

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