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    Shortage of Umpires

    Agreed. Umps are service workers, who are increasingly treated like garbage. Living in a time where people assault flight attendants, waiters, etc….craziness
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    Interference Rule on Slide into Catcher

    I’ve already stated that I think it’s interference, so not re-hashing that argument. Just providing the above to state that the closest point from third to home is in fact the left front corner of home plate, and that if her foot was in the right corner of the RH batters box then she was more...
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    Pitch hitting home plate

    No, the strike zone is an area above home plate
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    Pitch hitting home plate

    USA: 7.5.A A ball on the batter: For each legally pitched ball that does not enter the strike zone, touches the ground before reaching home plate, or touches home plate, and the batter does not swing. Edit: oh, sorry, you're listing ones you can't find.
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    Pitch hitting home plate

    USA it's a ball.
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    Three pitch inning.

    Nice. We had a 4 pitch and 6 pitch inning last night. 7 innings, 1 hour 26 minutes. At the end of the game, I complimented the ump on the quick night, and he said "game management, baby, that's how it's done." ;)
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    We Shook Hands!

    In this case, it really was mutual appreciation for a well played (2-0 pitchers' duel) championship game between 2 teams with a friendly rivalry. No one told them to shake hands, they just lined up and did it. I understand that as a default it doesn't always make sense. Not all games are good...
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    did the umps do the right thing

    Also, this part did not compute. They had a time limit on the last game? That also sucks.
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    did the umps do the right thing

    Because they incorrectly suspended play before the runner was at 3rd, I can't see another reasonable outcome than keeping her there. We had two incidents of time being granted incorrectly (in my opinion) this weekend. 1) our runner was hit with thrown ball while sliding into home, and while it...
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    We Shook Hands!

    Notable only because it hasn't happened in so long, and the default has been this line up on the foul lines and wave, but at tournament this weekend after the championship game (which our team lost, ugh, to a team we have a friendly rivalry with), the girls lined up, shook hands (or high fived)...
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    2 leaving base appeals today

    he asked after the ability to appeal had expired.
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    Interference Rule on Slide into Catcher

    I hear what you're saying. Maybe NHFS has that wording - USA doesn't. Also, just so we're all on the same page about the geometry of home plate: It is entirely to the right of the foul line, so if she were running / sliding on the fair side wheel marks in this pic is a direct line from 3rd...
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    Interference Rule on Slide into Catcher

    Not saying this wasn't interference, but for argument: Did the runner slide on the ground: yes Did the runner slide directly between the two bases: yes (her right knee - before the leg straightens - contacts the top left corner of the plate - the direct midpoint of the base) Did the runner kick...
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    OFF Topic Dangerous Rec Baseball

    Talent disparity in rec will be a thing for as long as your kid plays, especially in sanctions where participation in rec is a mandatory pre-requisite for being on travel / all-stars roster (LL, babe ruth). Ideally if possible, the kids would play to their level of competition, and coaches would...
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    #8 for Florida state just showed how you do it #12 for OU not so much

    Turned it off after the final out, so didn't see this, but they could have been acknowledging Donihoo....after that first inning catch you heard the "hoooooo"'s
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    OKC Challenge Tournament - Drumsticks

    (In USA), use of artificial noisemakers is not allowed in championship play (championship play is any tournament where the winner/s may advance to higher levels of play in the association). For everyone's sanity, they should be banned always and forever from everything. edited to add...
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    Someone explain this to me Hitting Hype

    I don’t know, but when you get a hit in a World Series game you can let us know what you did.
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    Please respect your umpires

    10rec is the only level I've had (in 2 years) to ask a coach deal with a parent. Sadly, I'm convinced the parent was drunk....nothing else makes sense for the way he was behaving.
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    Advice for teen umpires?

    Will she being doing games by herself? Or with partner? Hopefully with a partner, and ask him/her to carefully pregame, and give feedback. Ideally, if there's an ump you know/respect that can take her out to the field even for an hour and do a clinic that would probably go a long way for her...
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    How would you score this?

    Is there a definition of legally acquired base? If a runner who first legally occupied the base returns to it, the trail runner cannot also be on that base, so they would have to return to the base they previously legally occupied. So is it that the trail runner doesn't legally occupy a base...

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