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    Hey PGF Nationals now what?

    I know the JO Cup was 3K
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    2nd base runner signals to batter

    Just looking for an opinion on this. My daughter has never been taught(by coaches) to signal the batters on where the catcher is setting up until she saw this watching some college games a few years ago. She has been doing this since jr high ball, now going into her soph yr. All of coaches have...
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    MaxPrep's Top 25 HS teams

    Our HS schedule is brutal this year in Fl. out of 27 games all but 4 are against preseason ranked teams by Fl Miracle Sports. Our team was nationally ranked for the past 4 seasons and was right up there with LR, We battled with them a couple of times. This season, we lost two D1 pitching horses...
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    And it's stupid tryout season time again...

    I thought this one was unique, smh. "WE have a NON paid parent coaching staff with a impeccable record against PAID NON parent coaching staffs. Our coaches are committed and invested in developing players who want to play at the college level. We have a on staff former MLB hitting instructor...
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    Fall D9 Showcase Orlando

    So who's going this time? Looking at the field locations its spread out all over CFL.. From North Orlando to Lakeland. I guess Wide World Of Sports is the main attraction where most of the college coaches are going to be. my DD played it several years always getting stuck on the back fields of...
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    2020 Demarini FNX

    Same here, definitely not end loaded. It was a balanced bat we bought
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    2020 Demarini FNX

    DD got a chance to demo the new FNX (32/22 -10)in a showcase this past weekend. 1st 2 games used a 2020 ghost 32/22 -10. Hit alright went 3-5 in two games. we saw the demarin bat dealer there during the game break, check it out. He said go use it in the next game. we went and did some front...
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    USSSA vs PGF

    I agree here. the PGF director here in Florida really stepped up the competition. I really enjoyed seeing the best 14u only tourney or a 12u only tourney compete for prizes like every player gets a ghost and/or 2nd place every gets brand new gloves. I also like the fact the PGF TD is working...
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    Background checks are needed for Travelball coaches

    I would like to see some national orgs and state orgs take on this issue. Use the fall season to discuss between organization board members and coaches. Maybe even have an advocate attend a practice or game and just chat with the players away from the coaches for just 15mins.
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    Background checks are needed for Travelball coaches

    This just hit the news in central Fl. . Wow, my DD played against this team numerous times. Gotta have background checks. Atl Vipers org coach. Travelball coach raped a player for years: article Prayers for the player and family.
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    National Travel Programs

    this is a good topic, and have been following awhile. I've done some research on the national vs state brands (Florida). There was a lot of coaches that came into or bought into the national brand a few years ago. My daughter has been playing since 8u, she started out as a state brand team...
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    When are your seasons?

    Florida....well...depends on the area of the state. Just to add to Florida. NE Florida(Jax) HS ball has fall ball. Sept-Oct. pretty much Its double-header one night of the week vs other schools. its sorta like a 2 month tryout before the season starts in Feb. August is definitely a rest period...
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    Out of Town Team/Traveling

    currently in this situation right now. Our DD (14u) plays on a team that is 2 hrs away(one way). Coach has practices twice a week during the week for the local girls. maybe once a month on a weekend (3hr practice with team luncheon). DD does her hitting lessons, workouts(GAPSS), and works out...
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    PGF vs. ASA

    My DD played in the 12U Nationals in Spartanburg SC. I thought this ASA tourney was ran really well. I like the rule... finish the inning + 1. An 80 min game turned into close to 2hrs.
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    Showcases this past weekend

    We were there as well. We were playing in the 12u division on Sunday. We were pumped...we had the Ga coach stop by to watch one inning at the right time. He decided to come watch one of his verbal commits sister's 12u team. Our coach also talked with the Arkansas coach in the parking lot as well...
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    Best Fastpitch Bat you will recommend?

    once the Easton Ghost gets approved by USSSA, if ever, that's the one I getting DD. She's swung Demarini since 8u, had the xeno one season...didn't like it. had the old purple Easton Stealth bat that was a gamer only.
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    The art of the 7th inning - closing the deal

    this happen to us in a 12u championship game. NSA Assn championship game this weekend, no time limits....7 innings to play. Up 5-0 going into the 6th when they started coming back, our team ended up losing 6-5 in the 7th. they threw three different pitchers to our one. First time playing NSA in...
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    Tournament directors

    the Central Fl USSSA Director puts on great tournaments. she brings in USSSA Pride Pro players in for Autographs and pro-athletes talk to the teams one-on-one, brings in big time Camp directors, nice vendors (Boombah). This week the TD is bringing in some UCF players to the tourney to talk to...
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    High School softball will remind you why TitleIX is important

    ours is nice with our painted logo on the field in the outfield. However, no lights
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    What to do when your daughter loses interest?

    my daughter is in middle school right now and I am seeing something like this. However, last night threw me for a loop. After "playing" with her friends, she comes walking at 7pm and says..."hey Dad, can we go to Rally Caps (indoor hitting facility)?" I'm in the middle of watching one of my...

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