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  1. J

    Add Favorite Catching Picture

    Well yeah, doesn’t everybody??? 😂😂 I never noticed that.
  2. J

    Forced to wear team catcher's gear

    Good Luck to her today!
  3. J


    DD’s former HS teammate goes 1-2 with a walk, run scored and an RBI single against the WA Huskies tonight! Couldn’t be more proud!
  4. J

    Great Deal Here!

    I would have bought it, but just got a new one a few months back.
  5. J

    Great Deal Here!
  6. J

    Throw the ball

    I’m sorry, but I disagree with what the other teams are doing AND what you’re doing. Coaches should be teaching the game the way it is meant to be played. If a runner hesitates, there are two plays, throw to the bag for a pick and throw the ball back to pitcher in the circle. Practice both. You...
  7. J

    Anybody else doing this?

    I’ve got so many of DD’s former teammates and friends DD’s she’s played against to keep up with, I have no idea how I’m going to get to watch them all. So many teams at all levels are broadcasting games now so I will get to see a lot of them. I’ll still be routing for Tennessee! Always loved...
  8. J

    Add Favorite Catching Picture

    Well, I’ve got more! 😂😂
  9. J

    Fast Pitch Catchers Mitt

    DD used a Mizuno Prospect GXS 101 in 10U. It’s not a great glove by any means, but it was easy to break in and easy to close. Pitchers were throwing mid 40’s. Probably have to buy one a year for two years, but at $50 it’s not a bad deal. It worked well with the 11” ball.
  10. J

    Are there S.B. Coaching Credentials?

    Experience and success. I don’t think you can rule out HS coaches because a lot of the good ones coach travel too. They love softball! They truly want kids to succeed. It’s not about ego, but the love of the game. I believe some of the best true coaches are coaching B ball. They are not about...
  11. J

    Scenic City logistics

    It’s gotten so big and so spread out it’s crazy! Plenty of coaches, but I’m sure it’s a logistics nightmare getting to see all the kids who they want to see over three days. They could cut the team number in half, charge double and it be a better experience for teams and college coaches. I’m...
  12. J

    Scenic City logistics

    No doubt! I just made this same comment on another post, haha! The split is awful coming and going on both 75 and 24. We always stayed at exit 7 or 5 and prayed we played at the Summit 😂
  13. J

    My daughter is dreading high school ball approaching

    @GoRight are you near a state that plays HS ball in the fall? Seems like there are more TN girls each year passing on spring HS and playing spring travel in north GA.
  14. J

    Scenic City logistics

    Yeah but traffic sucks!lol!
  15. J

    Scenic City logistics

    You could look at McGhee Tyson (TYS) out of Knoxville. It’s about 1:30 from The Summit of Softball and Ooltewah, 1:45 from Warner and 2 hrs from the other parks. I guess it would depend on where you are staying if the extra drive is worth the extra sleep in time.
  16. J

    DFP DD College List

    The 75-24 split is brutal!! I always got really bent if we had to go to Camp Jordan! 😂
  17. J

    When success shows up....

    Just my opinion, but there’s no need to jump to A until 14U. I would stick with the good coaching as long as your DD is improving.
  18. J

    When success shows up....

    I know a lot has changed in the past 8-10 years, but DDs first team was not part of an org. We practiced in an old gym on the winter and a ROUGH rec field through the season. Coach would bring his own drag to every practice, lol!
  19. J

    When success shows up....

    I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this here, but DD has never gone to a private instructor in her life. At 10-12U played for a great coach who taught her fundamentals, catching and a lot of situational stuff. During this time I found DFP. I started asking questions. A long time member here...
  20. J

    When success shows up....

    You didn’t think about that because they were “your kids” and they expected to be coached. DDs 10-12 coach would work with any of his players for free outside of practice if they wanted it. He did charge outsiders for pitching lessons though. I would bet most all of that money went back into the...

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