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    How often should you clean gloves!

    we've had a couple made and was told to use shaving creme. Seems to work well for last few years.
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    Getting a rec team to hit

    At ten it could be as simple as loading when the pitchers hand is straight up at 12 oclock. Most girls don't load at release untill highschool age. Give it a try, sounds as it cain't hurt anything.
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    Pitchers Beware~ a post about Being Ready

    Faster is good if you don't throw down middle of the plate. Middle of plate generally is right back at pitcher. Always think corners.
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    The Mercy Rule

    There are other ways to show mercy than just stepping off the bag. Coaches who know the game would end up this way can use a pitcher that needs circle time, girls that are working on slap hitting that never get slap in a game get the chance, girls work on bunting ETC.
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    Diving and awarding an error..

    Some don't, but the ones that will still be playing a few years down the road probably do.
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    Diving and awarding an error..

    I voted no. To be honest should have not voted at all as there is not enough information. If you're talking about college ball possibly, but if you give errors to younger players that are learning how and when to dive for a ball some will say why try. My thinking would be pat on the back and...
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    Illegal pitch - out of lane

    As explained to me no foot completely outside the line.
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    2022 Anderson Rocketech

    Maybe if its a team practice a few of her team mates would help with couple hundred cuts to help with the break in.
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    Demarini Prism Plus vs CF 2021

    Finally got to try out the Marucci Echo conrnect this evening. 13 yo loved it and we will be ordering one. New it is considerable hotter than her 34-10 Prism that she has had for a year.
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    Marucci echo

    Saw one the day at hitting lessons. Girl in front of us had brought one in still in wrapper. Her normal bat a ghost was used as comparison. Instructor was really impressed that it a lot more pop straight out of wrapper. So impressed he called and ordered a few so his hitters could give them a try.
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    Interference Question

    My bad, went back and reread OP. When stated ball hit to second was thinking second with short stop going to cover bag.
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    Interference Question

    Question? As i read this the only way i can see interference called on runner is if she went out of her way to contact SS, otherwise SS could be called for obstruction.
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    Shortage of Umpires

    It was USSSA.
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    Shortage of Umpires

    Yes. Blew my mind. Was told state director and national agreed to allow any players affected to pickup with other teams if they wished even at this late date, even other state tournaments.
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    Shortage of Umpires

    Was informed today about noon that State tournament at Tulsa Ok is canceld for lack of umpires. At about that time 58 teams started scrambling looking for some place to play. We were lucky and found a spot, but can't fathom how TD didn't know sooner than that they had not nearly enough umpires...
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    Pitch hitting home plate

    Can you imagine all the injury's from youth catchers trying to catch pitches that are called strikes hitting the plate?
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    Advice for teen umpires?

    Back in the day as an umpire i learned one of the sins of an umpire was getting in a hurry to make a call. Watch the play, take a long breath, then make the call. Better to take that time then to have to change your call.
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    LynkSpyder pouch for battery charger?

    Try your pet stores, pet land etc. They have treat bags that work great for holding extra batteries and chargers.
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    Rule question

    Maybe not a rule for 1rst baseman to adjust, but i wouldn't expect to get a leaving early call on the runner.
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    Helping a heartbroken daughter

    Around are area we seem to have a shortage of pitchers so we often have juniors pitch jv. Like you less games and if jv is rained out they don't worry about making them up. On a bright note after jv is over normally several of the girls who work hard get to move up to varsity often starting in...

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