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    HS Softball Started

    First practice is today. We are in the smallest division in Indiana. Enrollment is just under 300 and we have 20 players this year. First time in a decade we will support a Varsity and JV. Very excited about the potential this season. We have four seniors signed to play at small schools next...
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    POLL~ about QUITING during the...

    As a high school coach, I have never had a player quit mid game. Have had a couple quit right after. I agree that there are reasons of safety or abuse to quit mid game or mid tourney. Taking out those extremes, I think parents are getting softer not just players. Having coached for more than a...
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    Do any HS coaches use Hudl Assist?

    Do any high school coaches on here use Hudl Assist? If so, what is the best way to video the games? Since our school has a contract with Hudl (due to football and basketball) it will not cost our program any more to use it. Any shared input would be appreciated.
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    Questions for high school coaches?

    If you miss a practice you will not start the next game period. That has always been my policy. (Notice I did not say you won't play, I said you will not start.) Part of being on a team is time management and learn how to deal with all responsibilities. On of my best players is a finalist for...
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    a rec coach decided...player contracts

    Feels like a coach that wants to be more than a rec coach. I would be interested on how he ran said practices that were mandatory.
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    Questions for high school coaches?

    A couple of things as a high school coach: 1) We had 100 stolen bases last season in 27 games. Thrown out attempting to steal 5 times. We ran into only a handful of outs at the plate. We work on baserunning in every practice. 2) I play the best 9, period! 3) Only one question for OP to ask...
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    New rule proposal!

    I would prefer you make the rule if the slapper not use a full swing it is considered a bunt attempt and third strike bunt you are out.(And still not a fan of this idea but prefer it.) Do not agree with the three fouls only.
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    How much responsibility does a high school coach have in the recruiting process now?

    I get a kick out of the HS coaches are useless in this process. (I know this is not a direct quote but we get the meaning, and yes I defend HS coaches.) My answer, for what it is worth to those open minded enough to read this, every situation is different. Yes, you have the die hard TB...
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    Need Advice from HS Coach Regarding HS / Travel Tournament Conflict

    They can not play the same sport as is in season of high school. Do golf during softball season is fine but she could not play PGA jr in the fall during golf season. Hope that helps.
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    How to tell a high school coach that she can't overuse my pitcher

    This coach is what gives HS coaches a bad reputation. Our staff has been with this program for almost 10 years and we have worked on developing pitching for most of it. There is currently a prospective pitcher in every grade down to fourth grade. We track their progress and their travel ball...
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    Teaching Beginner Hitting in 8u

    This comes down to how well the pitcher can hit moving bats. Teach them a proper swing but use the same pitcher so that they(the pitcher) can get used to where the bat will be. EDIT: Not meant as sarcasm.
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    Ideas needed to get a girl moving...

    But seriously, she is 7 let her enjoy the game and see if she has a desire to get better. I would not worry until 9 or 10. She will show by then, if she cares to improve. You can not force it on her.
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    Middle School Softball Pitching advice.

    It's middle school. Do whatever is in the best interest of your players development.
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    Pitchers parents

    All this talent at the B level. Can't imagine what we could see from the A level in that area.
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    High School Program Information

    School size less than 300 Have never cut. This year only 13 players. JH program is growing, this year 20+ no cuts We are in a small rural area and had some girls play travel and stopped due to being priced out. Still have about 4 playing travel. Participation in our area is low at all schools...
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    The Saga of Rebuilding a School Program: A parent-coach's journal

    Like many???? really??? I only wish we had a decent restroom at our field. We have to walk half a mile from the school to get to our field at the back end of our campus. Color me jealous.
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    Crazy situation

    IHSAA (Indiana) has authorized game officials the ability to ask for fans to be removed. If that happens fans are also assessed a one game suspension by the school/IHSAA. Yes, I have seen it done in softball and basketball. Coaches are now assessed two game suspensions for being removed from...
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    The Saga of Rebuilding a School Program: A parent-coach's journal

    First day of Indiana practice is March 6th. Excited to get started for a new season. Graduated or lost all but 2 starters from last season. We will see how good our coaching staff is.

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