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  1. sluggers

    Second Time Around - New to Internal Rotations This is the best introduction. Has a really good progression.
  2. sluggers

    Dad with some questions about my new pitcher?

    IR is the only softball pitching mechanics that works. You can look at men's fastpitch, NCAA, Olympic, Japan pro, whatever. Everyone throws IR. It's been that way for at least 40 years. It's much simpler to teach kids to throw IR rather than have to retrain them later.
  3. sluggers

    Dad with some questions about my new pitcher?

    Exactly. For 99.9% of the pitchers, there is no "next level" after college. These college kids are part-time pitchers. Their pitching careers end at 23YOA. Does a true riseball jump more than a bullet spin rise? Sure. But movement is only one part of the "effective pitcher" equation...
  4. sluggers

    College rule about getting hit by pitch that is over the plate?

    Correct call. Her elbow is outside of batter's box.
  5. sluggers

    College rule about getting hit by pitch that is over the plate?

    The NCAA Rule for 2024: 11.13 Hit Batter (by Pitch) 11.13.1 A batter is awarded first base when a pitch, neither swung at nor called a strike, is entirely within the batter’s box and it strikes the batter or their clothing. No attempt to avoid being hit by the pitch is required; however, the...
  6. sluggers

    Dad with some questions about my new pitcher?

    Yeah, it depends on specifics. My impression was that the PI was teaching to fully close and then release, which is wrong. But you're right...staying open isn't correct either. Need more info.
  7. sluggers

    Dad with some questions about my new pitcher?

    That's wrong. Just basic anatomy. For almost all women, the hips are wider than their shoulders. Your DD hasn't matured, of course, so she can get away with it. In 4 years when matures, she won't be able to find the plate with a compass. Finding a good pitching instructor is always a problem...
  8. sluggers

    Dad with some questions about my new pitcher?

    Probably 80% of the pitchers in the NCAA CWS throw bullet spin.
  9. sluggers

    7yo swing

    I would read to her one of the threads in the Softball Hitting Technical Forum.
  10. sluggers

    How to optimize while getting moved around a lot?

    Don't sweat it. Focus on hitting and not on a secondary position. Here's the deal: On advanced teams, your DD will never play SS, 2B, 3B, or OF. Those positions are too critical to have a part-timer. Your DD is going to P. When she's not pitching, she'll DH and let her play 1B.
  11. sluggers

    Hitting hip and throwing inside

    It's a learned somatic reflex. External stimulus (the touch of the arm on the body) triggers the release sequence. Learned somatic reflexes are everywhere in sports. Catching a thrown ball with one hand is an example of a learned somatic reflex. Take a ball in your right hand raise it about...
  12. sluggers

    Hitting hip and throwing inside

    There is no comparison between the amount of time a baseball/softball player practices throwing overhand with the amount of time a softball pitcher has throwing underhand. Baseball & softball players start throwing overhand at 3 or 4 YOA. As soon as they are at t-ball, they are taught to...
  13. sluggers

    Bad pitching

    The "dropped third rule" is part of the "control of ball" rules. Control of the ball is a big deal in softball/baseball. Force outs, tag outs, and fly outs are outs *only* when the ball is "in possession" of a fielder. Runners are only out for "running out of basepath" if a fielder has...
  14. sluggers

    Your best 5 drills

    The simplest drill is to hit (not roll) ground balls to them and then correct their fielding technique. If a girl doesn't do it correctly, have them do it again. You have to have the bat skills to hit soft ground balls.
  15. sluggers

    College and majors to stay away from??

    True...but it's not just Power 5. It's all D1 & D2 schools and a bunch of D3s.
  16. sluggers

    Pitching instructor said... 10%

    I don't know how it is with catching. With pitching, it's hundreds of hours of practice. I saw a situation unfold which was awful. This kid had all the talent in world--6' tall, athletic, strong, smart, confident, and very coachable. She took lessons from an accomplished Pac10 pitcher. She...
  17. sluggers

    Pitching instructor said... 10%

    Parents don't understand athletes and sports. Few parents have been around high-level athletes, and therefore don't know the quantity of work required. Anyone who has played at the collegiate knows the truth about athletic performance. It takes (1) talent, (2) work and (3) proper instruction...
  18. sluggers

    Pitching Technique Question HE -> IR

    If you mean rotation of the forearm, then jabs and crosses in boxing. Most throwing uses IR. Golf, of course. The IR when using the 7 iron is almost exactly the same as pitching other than the hand faces 3B at 9 rather than up at 9.
  19. sluggers

    Pitching Technique Question HE -> IR

    The thread makes me smile. We had this huge debate on DFP many years ago about HE and IR, and I lost. It took a while to get it through my dense head what @BoardMember and @Hillhouse were saying, but it finally registered. That's accurate. The first person a kid ever sees throw underhanded...
  20. sluggers

    76 mph

    (For this particular pitcher, it appears she does brush against her hip at the start of the release phase.) You're missing the point about control and velocity. There are two parts of BI. For control, "the initial brush" gives the mind (brain + body) a reference point to determine the...

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