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    Team Wins State Championship on Walk-Off Obstruction Call; Oregon City Throws No-Hitter But Loses

    Gags, Obstruction was called at third base with the 3rd base player obstructing R1 (Runner 1) as she rounded third base. BR - Batter Runner was not obstructed during the play at 1st base or at 2nd base. So, I'm not sure if that is what you were asking where the obstruction took place. I...
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    Team Wins State Championship on Walk-Off Obstruction Call; Oregon City Throws No-Hitter But Loses

    Oregon has only used the 3-person crew for many, many years for HS state playoff games....I have done multiple state finals and that is what is done. I have never seen a 4-person crew in any Oregon HS softball game at any playoff level. I live in Oregon City and heard all about this one. I'm...
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    NFHS rule on coach attire

    In the Pacific NW due to the rainy Spring weather and the coaches also are the "grounds crew" we have been told to be very slack about that specific rule. If they need to wear jeans, let it be.
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    Possibly Moving to Oreon?

    Suggestion to determine some possible reputable TB organizations is to check the USA Softball Oregon website that list all the Oregon based USA tourneys with tourney results...probably could see some trends that could be useful in your research...
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    Possibly Moving to Oreon?

    A Head's Up for Motor-vader....from an Oregonian... Advice for anybody moving from California to Oregon: 1. Don't talk politics 2. Stay positive about the weather 3. Know that many Oregonians aren't real happy about all the new citizens from California moving in over the past 10 years and...
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    Illegal pitch - out of lane

    actually a very easy call to make for the plate umpire...and lines are for the NCAA ruleset
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    The Decline of Umpiring

    You really believe a 6-game schedule of games will be completed in 8 hours? Even if a game stops @ 1 hour 20 minutes; you have to clear the dugouts; new teams have to enter the dugouts; line ups have to be exchanged; pre-game ground rules need to be covered between coaches and umpires. Maybe...
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    The Decline of Umpiring

    Exactly correct. Captures it all...what quality umpiring requires. Much more than showing up in a pair of sneakers, dark pants and a blue shirt and calling yourself an umpire as much of the softball world thinks. Good job Strike2!
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    The Decline of Umpiring

    This is not a new issue. Our Umpire Association was predicting this situation back in the late 1990's. The "Boomers" were aging and dropping from the umpire hobby...we did everything we thought was possible to recruit the next generation. Failed! There many unknowns to the non-umpire...
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    Still Lost on the infield fly rule

    Interesting that no one has mentioned which umpire (in a 2 or 3 person crew) is responsible to make such a call. I just reviewed the NFHS Umpires Manual to confirm what I thought was correct...I was correct. So which umpire has the responsibility to call the Infield Fly Rule?
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    So we played....

    Come's isn't the location that is infected, it's people that are infected that visit these locations. The church structures are clean, the parks are clean, the liquor stores are clean. It's the infected people that show up at these locations that is the problem. Spreading the virus to...
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    How long does the pitcher have to release the ball?

    Pitcher has 20 seconds. Batter has 10 seconds
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    Terrible Umpires, IMO, need to work the concessions.

    Valid comments Swim Coach. But, USA (ASA) patches come from registering with that organization, taking the umpire test (if the local group requires it). That test is taken annually (if taken), but the patch remains with that individual umpire. There is no requirement to receive any training...
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    Terrible Umpires, IMO, need to work the concessions.

    It is clear on this discussion board that all umpires are lumped into the same group. The spectrum is far reaching out there in the "umpire world" and the general comments made on our friendly discussion board paints a picture that all umpires are the same. The umpire group for one league...
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    It's obstruction.
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    In Defense of the Coach - Your Coach

    Bashing comes easy on this site. Bashing coaches; opposing team parents and even parents of your team; opposing team players as well as players on your team; TD's; field ground crews; hotels; tourney fees; and even umpires as well as UIC's.
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    Time between innings

    NFHS - one minute from last out to first pitch of the next half inning. I make a real attempt to keep this one minute rule gets the defensive team moving and preparing. If the team uses their time meeting; cheers or one minute we start the half inning, even if...
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    Strike zone question

    Older players - they are now crowding the plate more than ever. Some have their bodies in the strike zone. If the pitcher wants the plate back, they throw to inside corner and the batter moves back. Pitch is in the strike's a strike. Younger players - you never know what you get...
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    Lookback rule - fake throw

    Based on that specific description with the runner moving back to 1st base after the stop, I would have allowed the runner to return to the base. But, I wasn't there and didn't see the play in live action.
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    Lookback rule - fake throw

    I not sure if I have an out based on the description. But, the description leaves out what the runner on 1st base did after she stopped. The fake throw is an active play by the pitcher and the runners are allowed to move as they wish...with a another stop and then immediately move to a base...

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