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  1. Agcy

    Rando hitting practice question on 11 inch softballs?

    Yeah, none of the girls in our HS hit hard enough to do that much damage, but we do tell them to use 'dead' bats and not their game bats with these.
  2. Agcy

    Rando hitting practice question on 11 inch softballs?

    We use Yellow Baseballs periodically for batting practice...
  3. Agcy

    Another obstruction, what's your call?

    There is a lot of emphasis this year. Last year, if you were in the running lane at home as the runner rounded third, it was obstruction. This year is a more as when the runner gets close to home. But, as I understand it, if the runner gets to a point that she is committing to the base/plate...
  4. Agcy

    Another obstruction, what's your call?

    I think the next thing - IF obstruction is called, then the umpire has to gage if she should would have made it safe to the next base if the obstruction did not happen. Correct? Easy to say this after watching the video a few times, but I think 3RD base player slowed her down a little - I...
  5. Agcy

    Down the rabbit hole I go…

    You are going to get a lot of input - some of it is too technical to comprehend. IMO, she is not getting to extension and the bat is very flat when it strokes around the front of the body. Here I see: 1. Her hands DO NOT travel forward after contact 2. Her bat is flat after cotact I would...
  6. Agcy

    How will the power 5 dissolve impact softball?

    Comments I read suggested that the 'other' sports (Including SB) travel commercial. I know that the U. of Wisconsin had to cut a game short to make their flight. Maybe charter becomes more common for some of the games they play.
  7. Agcy

    Running on basepath

    Either you are suggesting that 1. runners can run wherever they want whenever they want - or - 2. runners can only run in a line directly between the bases (IE no rounding the bases) Neither is better than the little bit of confusion currently.
  8. Agcy

    How will the power 5 dissolve impact softball?

    Found this on Twitter yesterday; travel times from ASU to the old and new schools. Thought it was a decent comparison of the travel times involved. Except for UCF, WVU, and Cin, travel times are all within what they had to do to get to Washington. By my calculations, the non UCF/WVU/CIN...
  9. Agcy

    I got to call it...

    Is this too much? (from lacrosse)
  10. Agcy

    another one bites the dust

    Congrat's!!! Best of luck and I hope your DD has a great career and experience!
  11. Agcy

    Extending safety of players discussion

    Some local limits: - HS - Real Feel is above 40°F - College - above freezing (this is just a suggestion as they still played one game it was hovering around 30°)
  12. Agcy

    Another Catcher Trying To Get A Call

    I never know exactly how I will handle situations like this, but I think the consensus here is: - Warning for un-sportsman like behavior - Ejection if if happens again And, I think the only way to stop coaches like this is to call it in every game every time it happens.
  13. Agcy

    Change in high school leaping law

    IMO, 1: this will lead to more pitchers replanting (either intentionally or un-intentionally) which is harder to call. 2: Pitcher will be launching the pitch closer to home (as TMIB commented) for which I don't believe there is any rule or limit for.
  14. Agcy

    Softball tackle? and the recovery.

    I get it. You want to vent on here and get some support for where you feel you were wronged - I've done it myself. But what do you really want? It was a collision - from what I see there was nothing malicious or intentional about hurting your DD. I've been on the other side of it with our...
  15. Agcy

    10U Coach Giving Take Sign on 3-0 Count

    Because it is 10U and, contrary to what some believe, some girls are still learning the game.
  16. Agcy

    10U Coach Giving Take Sign on 3-0 Count

    Not sure I see anything explicitly wrong with it. Coaches and batters at all levels do this and it is the default response for any traditional coach - especially with in-experienced hitters. - Not sure that the score you noted matters. - Maybe this coach is just doing what teams they were on...
  17. Agcy

    Explicit Walk Up Music

    Not explicitly called out in Iowa. I was informed it is a sportsmanship issue: if the noise is unsportsmanlike - stop it. (like that is supposed to be helpful when explaining to coaches that their players banging on an empty bucket is 'unsportsmanlike' :rolleyes: )
  18. Agcy

    Explicit Walk Up Music

    But not against NFHS, right?
  19. Agcy

    Explicit Walk Up Music

    So, if I enjoy the between inning music, is it wrong for me to dance along with it? (the right answer is "yes" based on my dancing skills) Personally, I think the walkup music and voice over intro are tacky and I usually only see it a "C" levels. IMO, if you kid or their team is more worried...
  20. Agcy

    NCAA Hints at making leaping legal.

    What about the next-batter-up hearing strategy from the dugout while they are over there?

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