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    Hitting a pitch that bounced

    I have been saying DTS that way as well. I have had to explain this rule and the definition of a catch to a few "Travel" team coaches over the years.
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    Hitting a pitch that bounced

    Home runs in MLB have been off pitches like that.
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    Rec ball coach insanity

    Add pitcher and those 3 are the coaches kids.
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    Coach Interference Explanation

    "WE" all know the correct answer.
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    Coach Interference Explanation

    Bummer M12. Started with simple mistake by the other coach and cascaded to even bigger screw ups by 2 umps. The Umps then made stuff up then placed the blame on an 8 yo girl. WTF Once the coach went on the field and called stopped. I bet play never resumed while the "situation"...
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    Pros and Cons of New Pitching Rule on Leaping

    Good luck to everyone out there. Just turn the other cheek and play ball.
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    Leaping? Or replanting?

    So blatant. Even plate umps will see that illegal pitch and should be calling it all day.
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    The power of a thank you card

    I have been trying to teach and get my daughters to do these things. The power and return is immeasurable.
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    WARM UP Catchers throwing mechanics 💥

    Unfortunately I believe that too. Pretty much every historical and traditional mentor group has shown that the trust was misplaced. That might be too deep a subject for this place.
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    How to deal with the frustration of non-linear progression?

    Yep. Living it as well. So had to be hands off most times starting about 13 aka middle school. I am following a program that she is of the age where I can't relate. The mid teens is where girls drop out of sports and other activities at a very fast rate.
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    WARM UP Catchers throwing mechanics 💥

    I am a big fan of a proper and good catcher warm up. More important is proper practices. Yet, I have yet to see it. I am trying to get my DD to warm up better as she progresses through the ranks and ages up. Well see if this season is the one where she will get to take control of her...
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    Sept. 1st is approaching

    What does this mean? Is there a hidden language that only a few know?
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    Softball arm injuries versus baseball

    Softball is way past the time to have pitching limits. Girls of all ages are suffering from over use. Crazy
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    Eye contacts

    My DD is a catcher with contacts. She started them a year ago during 12u. She loves them. Probably never go back to frames and lenses. We do have some nice sports glasses for when she might need them.
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    Coaching middle school fall ball, input please.

    I would focus on Softball and having fun. No school, no drama, no drill sgt. The drop out rate for girls in their teens is high. Wins are nice but riding the pine & OF is boring. Development is a priority.
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    Umpire ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ratings

    800/12=$66.67 hr Most likely 3 person crew
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    Another Catcher Trying To Get A Call

    Nope. Not even close. The catcher is obviously engaged in unsportsmanlike behavior. That can not be rewarded. Once again, it is obvious that the catcher is not "making a play" even if there was one. The catcher is seeking out a collision to draw a call. Looks like umps at the game and...
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    Batting Helmet? Looking for something with a bigger opening to see through.

    Lots of safety equipment is designed with a level of redundancy, off label use and misuse. Lots of users/buyers don't read or scrutinize owners manuals and labels. T-ball.... no face protection Baseball (LL to MLB) face protection Youth Fastpitch Softball....face protection College...

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