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    WTS 2 Xenos and 2 Demarini CFs

    Black Demarini sold
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    WTS 2 Xenos and 2 Demarini CFs

    Yes if it’s within the 48 states.
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    WTS 2 Xenos and 2 Demarini CFs

    The 2 Demarinis are almost brand new, both with original grip tape and the 2022 one is a 32 drop 10. The older one is a 32 drop 11. The 2022 has a couple BP sessions, the older one has been used but is in near perfect condition. The Xenos are both 34 drop 9. These are still in good shape...
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    Bat Weight Database

    2022 Easton Ghost Advanced. 33/23. 23.59 oz.
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    Lost Confidence

    Uuuggghh, this is what I believe the most challenging thing a parent can go through with their kids. The mental part of the game is just as important as the physical part. I'm no expert and am not a hitting instructor but I've gone through this with both my kids. I tried making hitting...
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    Recruiting - should this video be used?

    Of course, It shows great reaction time, situational awareness and coordination with throwing the ball while on the ground.
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    Break-In technique

    Heat up your oven to 350, turn it off put glove in oven for 5 minutes. Take it out and beat the heck out of it until it comes back to regular temp. repeat process about 5x right away and it will be loose and broken in.
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    2 VERY LIMITED EASTONS COMING OUT...will only be getting a small handful

    Anyone get their hands on a new Mantra???? 2023s coming out, wondering on feedback???
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    Who do you have to win the WCWS(besides OU)

    Northwestern, one can dream cant they????
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    2 VERY LIMITED EASTONS COMING OUT...will only be getting a small handful

    Can we pre order these? What are you thinking will be MSRP?
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    Easton Ghost Advanced End load or balanced...

    interesting, she says end loaded AND balanced. Doesn't really specify that they have 2 different bats though, not end loaded OR Balanced.
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    Demarini CF Reviews

    My DD,(13 plays 14u) just this year changed over to a CF from a ghost. I was tired of making the exchange with the ghost. I know the CF is not fully broken in yet but there is no difference so far in her overall performance. Now we have only played a total of 14 indoor games but my daughter...
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    Rawlings/Easton to only do a warranty replacement once?

    Ive had my DD ghost replaced twice recently within the 12 mth time period. Also last time they replaced the 2020 Ghost with a 2022 Ghost. They are real good with it as long as you follow protocol on their web page.
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    WTS NIW 2020 Ghost Advanced 33” 22

    What are you looking to trade for???? I have a NIW 2022 Ghost 31"20. Won it in a raffle and its too small for my DD.
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    practice bat

    When you talk clunker, are you looking for something cheap??? Same feel? Reliability? It would be recommended to get the exact size she uses in games. Go check out Play it again sports or put out an offer on the softball bat board here what your looking for. My experience is Demarini...

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