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  1. J

    Finding a team when blackballed

    its june teams are already full, this is why you might not be getting tryouts. its a tough sell for coaches to pick up a new kid now, many parents would be floored. good luck
  2. J

    New U10 pitcher

    10u pitchers should be focused on mechanics, mechanics and mechanics. they should also get used to letting things go, shrugging off big hits, walks and hitting batters. when the mechanics are down speed and strikes will come. keep it fun and good luck
  3. J

    Do your players really hit >.600?

    DD a sophomore batted 540 in high school and on her TB national team bats around 330 both these averages are with few strike outs. I would say less than half the teams her high school faced has good pitching. in TB almost every team has good pitching. these numbers were very close to other...
  4. J

    For Umpires- Does how the catcher set up and/or physically catch the ball influence your ball and strike call?

    My DD is a pitcher and has been for 8yrs now. how well she pitches in a game is heavily influenced on how good the catcher is at framing and blocking. i have seen some umpires ignore the catcher framing the ball, but its rare. the pitcher and catcher by far have the most important role equally...
  5. J

    Batters don't stand in the same place as each other in the Box

    if my DD knows she is facing a good rise ball pitcher she goes back in the box and if she is facing a good drop ball pitcher she moves up in the box. this is what she is being taught by her coaches. she hits great and it seems to work for her.
  6. J

    The money side of playing travel ball

    DD is a pitcher on a 16U national team. plays and practices all year except 3 weeks in august. with lessons, team fees, camps, flights, hotels, rental cars and equipment. $22k was the total, that's with only 1 parent traveling and no food costs taken into account. she loves the game and the...
  7. J

    Stalling For the Win

    in 10u rec only the playoffs matter. its been 6-7 yrs ago for DD but i remember coaches and parents were insane and some of the dirtiest stuff i have seen was 10u rec. good luck
  8. J

    Team Rules~No player/parent interaction at the ballpark

    DD's teams have always more or less been that way. only exception was putting on sun block, girl is 15 now and i still have to remind her.
  9. J

    If you are complaining within the first month of being on this team

    I think with orgs that have proven coaches and a history of almost all players going to college to play. the default (maybe this isn't the org for your daughter) is how they handle all complaints. The line does work, it either makes the player work harder or they leave and someone else is glad...
  10. J

    Question for the high school parents

    as a parent you need to stay out of it. My DD is the starting pitcher and plays SS for a top regional national team. this was her freshmen year last year. Her HS coach told her she is to short to pitch and play infield she's 5'6" throws 60-63 spins. she sat in the outfield and had the highest...
  11. J

    Just when I thought it couldn't get stupider...

    the younger the age the crazier the parents. our town rec league had so many rotten parents who controlled everything that gave their kids an advantage over others. it was some of the most stressful softball situations i ever came across. good luck
  12. J

    Help with lazy habits!

    you described my DD at that age exactly. we used screen time app. good behavior and habits earned her more time. I think its just an age thing there is just way to many distractions in their lives and they never really learned time management. My DD is 15 now straight A student works on her...
  13. J

    Wanted: A Better Strategy for Developing Young Pitchers

    5+ years ago i coached my DD's rec 10u team. I remember asking the 12 girls on the team who can pitch during the first practice and 11 hands went into the air. out of the 11 hands there were only 2 who actually practiced regularly and 1 who just had some natural talent or luck throwing strikes...
  14. J

    Coaching difficult players U14

    schedule an indoor scrimmage against a team that works hard, hustles and tries to do everything right. if a savage beaten doesn't wake them up, maybe they don't deserve your time.
  15. J

    When to begin to be concerned about college showcases

    My DD freshman year was playing in showcases. the showcases had the best teams and competition in our area. It doesn't hurt and is good practice for young players to start reaching out and emailing coaches. good luck
  16. J

    The Decline of Umpiring

    i have noticed on average 18u showcases and national events tend to have better umpiring. if your team lost a tournament due to a lot of bad calls, it sucks but its part of the game. I noticed the longer DD and I attend these events the funnier the bad calls get for me. I find it amusing as hell...
  17. J

    3 PICKY PITCHERS...or do they have a legit...

    My DD a pitcher is going through this now. 1 catcher is great, frames everything well, blocks and has nice throws to 2nd. 2nd catcher drops many pitches stands up catching rise balls and slaps down all low pitches. she make the pitchers look horrible i can't tell if the catcher is lazy, doesn't...
  18. J

    Is it unreasonable to assume that club coaches will develop hitting?

    DD's team does and 1hr of soft toss and tee work and 2hrs of defensive work every week. they also do live pitching and hitting every 2 weeks. if the kids that pay for hitting lessons are always in the top of the order no matter how poorly they hit, i would find another team.
  19. J

    Showcase Rant

    My DD has attend this showcase 2 yrs in a row. I can tell you if players are not reaching out to colleges with their schedules they are not showing up. many teams at this showcase actually have college coaches or assistant coaches coaching the teams there. I could be wrong but im pretty sure...
  20. J

    Is this acceptable?

    cookies allowed on the bench?

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