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  1. MNDad

    Concerned with DD injury

    At 12U DD was off her feet for six months with a hip injury and was sidelined for three months sophomore year of HS with a shoulder injury. We shared your concerns, but in both instances she bounced back relatively quick (2-3 months). Seems like an eternity while you’re going through it, but...
  2. MNDad

    Where to watch College games

    ESPN 3 has quite a few mid major games. If there’s a particular team you’re interested in you might be able to find a free web stream from the university. More so for D2 & D3, but several D1’s offer free live streams as well.
  3. MNDad

    Where to watch College games

    DD graduated from ISU in 2019. Go Cyclones!
  4. MNDad

    Coach, do your pitchers wear masks?

    I cringe when I hear parents and coaches put girls back in after a shots to the face. A mask will help prevent facial injuries, but they do next to nothing for concussions. I’m not a fan of masks as confidence builders either. Wear the mask, but build confidence by teaching them some...
  5. MNDad

    Increasing velocity

    DD lost about 5 mph between freshman and sophomore year of HS. It was a combination of working more on movement pitches than speed, injury and a new PC. Didn’t regain her top speed again til senior year. Over the course of four years in college she picked up roughly 3 mph. The increments...
  6. MNDad

    Worst Nightmare came true!

    I’m glad it’s just the glove! I thought the worst too. Can’t believe she’s on her last season already! Time goes by too quick! Hope she has a great year!
  7. MNDad

    Days off before camp?

    We worked her right up til the day before camp. In hindsight that was stupid. Especially with attending multiple camps over the winter. She was always preparing for a camp and never got enough rest. That affected her performance at camps and eventually led to an overuse injury. The kids...
  8. MNDad

    EC Bullets / Schnute

    Not interested in the politics of the other thread, but since comments are off and the disparaging post remains up I started a new thread. DD played for the EC Bullets/Schnute team in 2015. Great coach, great staff, great organization and great families. Amazing opportunity nothing but...
  9. MNDad

    Real interest or being played to fill a camp?

    Gauging the interest of schools was a difficult process in DD’s day and that’s when we were still allowed to talk to coaches. I can’t imagine how hard it is now. For whatever reason we as parents are afraid of offending coaches if we ask how much interest they have. In hindsight this made...
  10. MNDad

    Coach, do your pitchers wear masks?

    It didn’t have anything to do with pitching, hot bats or having time to field a hard liner. Anybody on the field has a chance to get hit by an errant throw or get in the way of a throw. She was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  11. MNDad

    HS coaches say they like multi-sport athletes but......

    They hand out letters like candy here. Girls can even letter for attending proms. To your point though I agree it’s hard to be a star, or even a starter in multiple HS sports theses days. DD played HS bball through sophomore year and the rest of the team all played AAU making the competition...
  12. MNDad

    Coach, do your pitchers wear masks?

    If you’re going to use a freak accident like Elisha’s to justify mandating masks every player on the field and in the dugout should wear one. That had nothing to do with her position.
  13. MNDad

    D1 Travel Squad Size

    For playoffs DD’s old school everybody travelled, but I think only 20 suited up. Can’t remember if they were in sweats in the dugout or right behind it. There were no restrictions in the fall.
  14. MNDad

    Can you teach pitching without pitching (cont'd)

    When I hear a former pitcher, or player, doesn’t always make a good coach it’s usually rooted In sexism. Of course being a former player doesn’t guarantee they’ll be great coaches, but some of these clowns treat it as a reason to disqualify a more qualified coach so they can play Daddyball...
  15. MNDad

    Can you teach pitching without pitching (cont'd)

    He threw batting practice at LSU for three years. I think he can throw underhand. You can’t dismiss coaching with the Chicago Bandits. Even NPF pitchers need coaching. If they didn’t we wouldn’t see position coaches in any pro sports.
  16. MNDad

    Can you teach pitching without pitching (cont'd)

    He’s had a high level of success in the NCAA and NPF and worked under some of the best coaches in the game. According to his bio he was a batting practice pitcher for several years and I assume that’s more than just soft toss. It’s possible to be a good pitching coach without ever pitching...
  17. MNDad

    Cruising speed

    If she’s really cruising at 62-64 in HS it’s not her speed keeping her from P5 looks. That would eliminate half the young women already at P5 schools.
  18. MNDad

    Cruising speed

    Average P5 cruising speeds are anywhere from 61-66. Occasionally you’ll see girls in the upper 50’s or upper 60’s. Despite what we see on ESPN cruising at 70+ is extremely rare. Paige Lowary is the only one I saw consistently throw 70+.
  19. MNDad

    DI Tryouts

    Go Cyclones!
  20. MNDad

    First week of college practice

    That wasn’t our experience with three different head coaches. They were all VERY concerned with their players educations. Aside from it looking good to have lots of players on the all academic team, good grades allow kids to keep their academic money so coaches have more athletic money to...

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