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    College Camps/Climics

    Did you do the east coast or west coast Headfirst camp?
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    How far away is your softball playing DD's college?

    Helendale? Had to look that one up. "Somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert...."
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    Baseball or fastpitch catcher's mitt for Dad

    Black and red Under Armour catchers mitt. It was relatively cheap and available quickly on Amazon (I think I paid $85). Been using it for several years now. Fits my big paws just fine. Edit: Ordered in 2018; UACMW-100 Framer Series Softball Catching Mitt
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    instagram as a recruiting tool

    Twitter, IG, direct email, sports recruits (that the TB team plays for), and an occasional hand written note...usually after a camp. Who knows what will eventually stick?
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    Coach, do your pitchers wear masks?

    After a few grand in orthodontic work, not to mention what the damage would be with a come-backer to the face, DD will wear a mask while pitching and playing the corners. Simply foolish not to. DS wears a hockey helmet/mask and a neck protector too. But I also do not skimp on tires and...
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    Need advice

    Been in your situation, except for the being a junior part, and it sucks. But I'd probably finish the season...assuming it ends in December. On the bright side, ERA should be low if the game is scored right.
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    Florida gets info on menstrual cycle

    I read the title and was hoping that someone had linked to some new research on cycles and athletic performance and injury prevention.
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    Diamond Kinetic

    I'll sell you mine. We rarely used it because when we pitch outside at home it is on our cobblestone driveway and I was worried about damaging the ball. Super easy to set up. Send me a PM if you are interested.
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    Short term goals for pitching

    Few things I haven't seen mentioned... Quantifiable goals include less than 16 pitches per inning and 2 or less walks per game. Qualitative goals: I would also have my DD start focusing on understanding the strategy behind calling pitches, figuring out what works against players she will face...
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    September 1st

    Moot point now, but sounds like Dunning-Kruger effect (at least I think that is what it is called). In my view it is better to underestimate your ability than to overestimate it. YMMV. Congrats to your daughter and UK. That seems like a solid school.
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    Velocity vs accuracy

    Glad you posted about the helmet...I was debating which to get. I'm sure I have developed a bad habit of turning my head too so I was thinking helmet, but it gets hot here. She's jumped about 6MPH over the last year and it's starting to be a problem, especially on movement pitches like you said.
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    Skunk in the outfield play

    I was reading the HS rule changes and came across a section where they changed the rule to make the "skunk in the outfildfield" play illegal. I had never heard of it and, rather than working, decided to look it up. Came across this ESPN article on it that I enjoyed reading...
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    Velocity vs accuracy

    That had to hurt...I've bloodied a toe real bad and gotten a bone bruise on my shin. I now wear shinguards but still rock the flip flops. I just olé my feet out of the way on a pitch I can't stop. Not recommended, of course. But I've been thinking about adding a mask...another MPH or 2 and...
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    No problem. I couldn't really find anything when I was looking so I figured it might help someone else too. If I recall they want each user to set up an account, but they don't have to pay. I assume they like to track the data. We never did that, we just essentially used it in guest mode and...
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    Nobody had one in my immediate area so I bit the bullet and purchased one. I will give you my $0.02... 1) We find the data helpful. At the time I bought it, we were not really focused on DD velocity, but really wanted feedback on her spin. We tried the pitch tracker ball, but didn't...
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    Cruising speed

    No brag heard here. I love hearing real-world perspectives of current parents. I love watching my DD strike out batters...especially "known" big hitters, and especially with off-speed pitches that have been set up perfectly. She has a lot of SO as well, but I think the pop outs due to her...
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    Velocity vs accuracy

    I was going to PM you, but given all the recent "expert" pitching opinions being posted I decided I would reply and put it out for public consumption/criticism instead. I would really like to know what may or may not be wrong with our approach. Some time to still correct, as needed, maybe, but...
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    Cruising speed

    Yeah I'm not going to bite into an internet web-warrior war...but giving a range of 58-72 MPH is not any sort of an "average." That is a 14 MPH range...that's a joke right?
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    Cruising speed

    We played in a tournament recently (California for those wanting to know). Probably 20+ college coaches there watching. I sat with multiple college coaches and discussed pitching and the college game in general. One took their gun out and clocked 2 different 2023 pitchers because one of them...
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    Velocity vs accuracy

    This is not consistent with what I've seen while using both the Rapsodo and the Pocket Radar set up behind the catcher. Small sample size, of course, but we were seeing the same #s or 1 (and sometimes 2) MPH differences. I am aware that others have said the same as you. Just reporting my...

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