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  1. Tatonka

    THE Spring Games

    DD's team is 5-1 down here so far this week. Had some great battles and hungry for more. So much fun seeing teams from around the Country that you would otherwise likely never get a chance to play against.
  2. Tatonka

    Guess I'll start an off-topic thread?

    Hold up there young fella - ain't nothing wrong with being a Grandpa!
  3. Tatonka

    University Closing - Season Cancelled

    we were supposed to play them in a pre-season dome tourney a few weeks ago...schedule got changed and never faced them. Gotta feel bad for every student there.
  4. Tatonka

    Guess I'll start an off-topic thread?

    That's awesome and a big congrats to all involved!
  5. Tatonka

    Head Coach Suddenly Out at NC State?

    Couldn't agree more, that's the way it should happen for the benefit of the team doesn't seem like some AD's take that into consideration. WW - hadn't seen that about Gillis! Surprising.
  6. Tatonka

    Guess I'll start an off-topic thread?

    Here's Core on the album cover...
  7. Tatonka

    Guess I'll start an off-topic thread?

    New album coming out by Hard Core LongBaller and the FP Comps... Have to give it a listen! o_O
  8. Tatonka

    Guess I'll start an off-topic thread?

    Wait...what? You don't use the cupholder? You don't listen to music? You pay somebody to work on that mower? I'll give ya the whole "I hate snow" thing but... Do you really like cigars?
  9. Tatonka

    Guess I'll start an off-topic thread?

    Looks like a wheelie monster! haha
  10. Tatonka


    We should send that to every SID in the country (or at least in some DIII conferences I know of) and say this is the new minimum bar. Also, ask them to stop turning off the outside mic so we can hear the teams, umps, crowds, walk up songs, etc.!
  11. Tatonka


    I've said it before and sure I'll say it again (soon & often) that we've seen better game video being livestreamed from the Team Mom of the 10U Hittin' Kittens Scrap Iron Underdog Team.
  12. Tatonka


    I understand all too well - I like the delete culture better than the cancel culture
  13. Tatonka


    ah c'mon WW - don't delete...repeat! Must have been good? ;-)
  14. Tatonka

    Guess I'll start an off-topic thread?

    Nah, I'm a little tractor and lot's of equipment guy but yep, I do like burning gas - WW has the big tractor. I don't even have a mower deck on my Kubota tractor (bucket and blade only but I am looking for a post hole digger attachment). My lawn tractor is a Craftsman with a 52" deck and a...
  15. Tatonka

    Replacing Insoles in cleats

    We just sent a pair of "EasyFeet" sport orthotics (the Flame On version) to one of my DD's who has had some soreness on her stride/landing foot. She's using them in her turf shoes right now as all of there practices are indoors on a hard turf surface. She may or may not transfer them to her...
  16. Tatonka

    F23 Mizuno PWR CRBN

    Said it before, my DD's really like the Mizuno Power Carbon. They've been swinging the older model since HS and are now starting their 3rd season of college ball and we just picked up a new PC over the winter break (thanks Core), they love the bat and the way it feels and performs for them...
  17. Tatonka

    THE Spring Games

    It's definitely not perfect but it is the only game in town so if you want to watch them at all you put up with it. Some games/fields/days will be better than others. It's also kind of neat that you can go back later and search for specific teams and games and watch the replay.
  18. Tatonka

    FSU v. Arkansas game

    and FSU is in another good game against UCLA this morning.
  19. Tatonka

    Be the Scarecrow, Not the Tin Man

    LOL, good one Ken. ;-)

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