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  1. T.J.

    2021 Easton Stars N Stripes Ghost

    Any more 33/-10 RWB in stock?
  2. T.J.

    Batting Cage questions

    Are you building a frame or hanging it?
  3. T.J.

    We left for the tournament really early, but this view was worth it

    Sorry...Couldn't let it slide! (lol). Like many many others on this site, I would leave work to mow the outfield, groom the infield and line everything well in advance of anyone showing up...and it always looked perfect and beautiful. And as with everyone else, we always did our best to make...
  4. T.J.

    We left for the tournament really early, but this view was worth it

    I can't believe that view either...What a disgrace! You'd figure they'd know how to correctly line a field!
  5. T.J.

    Dugout Shade Options

    Just ordered this...
  6. T.J.

    Dugout Shade Options

    Has anyone used anything like this?
  7. T.J.

    Dugout Shade Options

    Just like everyone else, we are constantly moving 10x10 canopies over open dugouts to provide some relief from the sun for the players. I'm trying to find those screen/tarps you clip to the fence to create a canopy over open dugouts to provide shade. Anyone know of a good supplier or...
  8. T.J.

    Most memorable dugout chants you've heard... Why mess with the classics?
  9. T.J.

    Hitting Faster Pitching

    You need to make an in-game adjustment. The easiest is to start in the loaded position and just drive through the ball. I also tell my hitters to move "up" in the box. Because they are closer by moving up, they think it will be they essentially concentrate more and become quicker...
  10. T.J.

    Bat on ground hitting ball

    Can someone explain the situation or requirements when a dropped bat rolling and hitting a bunted ball is considered an out? Thanks, T
  11. T.J.

    The dreaded "F" word

    The best fundraisers are the one’s that require little or no financial investment and allow the kids to participate. The two best that meet these parameters are car washes and coin collections at local businesses (pan handling). These fundraisers are pure profit with very very little money...
  12. T.J.

    Tournament food catchers

    Pack what they'll eat that is relatively healthy, and just drink water and stay in the shade in between games. Our regular pack includes sliced celery, peppers, lots of fruit, pickles and peanut butter crackers.
  13. T.J.

    HS softball banquets

    This year we kicked it up a notch with a banquet at a local restaurant; we had a private room. Food for players and coaches, decorations and player awards & certificates were paid for by booster club; parents and family had to pay. All players of all teams were certainly included. We had a...
  14. T.J.

    GoPro alternatives

    I'm looking for a camera to mount on the fence to record my DD play in the field. I'll also use the camera to make a skills video (or just use my cell phone for that). Will this camera work well to tape her field play?
  15. T.J.


    The past couple cleats (Ringor and Boombah) we've bought seem to be tight (too narrow). Just bought another pair of Ringor and those seem too tight too. Anyone experiencing the same? Any suggestions for better fitting cleats from a width perspective? Thanks, T
  16. T.J.

    Polar Crush Hotel Reviews?

    I'll PM you my cell#
  17. T.J.

    Time to say good bye

    Bob I'm Sooo sorry and heartbroken for you and your family. You're in our thoughts and prayers.
  18. T.J.

    Polar Crush Hotel Reviews?

    Yeah, it's been a while; we'll have to meet up for sure. We're doing the Individual on Thursday as well. Friday and Saturday we're at Coolidge Park in Fitchburg. She's wearing new colors now.. left Mirage for Eliminators.
  19. T.J.

    Polar Crush Hotel Reviews?

    I'll be at the Doubletree in Leominster. If anyone else is going to Polar Crush let me know.
  20. T.J.

    For the Fun of it Awards

    Yes...HS Banquet. Thanks!

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