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  1. sydnishel

    Marucci releasing a new line?

    We just played a marucci team. Several were swinging the new bat.
  2. sydnishel

    Sparkler review $$$

    My dd’s team finished in a tie for 5th of the 14u power pool. Saw some coaches but not as many as I expected. Especially for the competition we were playing against and around. The fields we played on were beautiful. Dd was able to plays against some really good competition and had some...
  3. sydnishel

    Power Carbon

    I messaged mizuno and they said October for the 2022 bats.
  4. sydnishel

    Broken bat with warranty challenges

    Sent a meta back. Got an lxt. My daughters couldn’t be happier. Both of my daughters, 17 and 14, didn’t care for the meta. That lxt is much hotter and more forgiving on miss hits. My 14 yr old swings the 34 drop 10 lxt as well as her 33/23 ghost advanced.
  5. sydnishel

    Catchers Mitt for Small 12U Player

    If you order from I believe they have free returns.
  6. sydnishel

    34/24 Mizuno Power Carbon and/or Carbon 1

    I’ve bought a bunch of bats from him. I’m hoping someone has them laying around and get them cheaper.
  7. sydnishel

    Meta X

    Kinda similar story. Both 34/24. 2018 lxt and a meta. About 400 swings on the meta. The lxt outperformed the meta by quite a bit. Not giving up on it yet. My dd loves the meta but its not as hot right now.
  8. sydnishel

    2019 Louisville Slugger PXT 34/24 sell or trade)

    If that bat is like most of the PXTs, it will have a piece inside break loose fairly soon. Then use the warranty to get what you want. Right when it starts to get hot, it breaks.
  9. sydnishel

    WTB 34 -9

    Looking for a 34 -9. Preferably a LXT but open to other bats.
  10. sydnishel

    Meta X

    Is this it?
  11. sydnishel

    Catchers gear

    Went from the Vela to the afx. My daughter loved the Vela and loves the afx just as much if not more. High quality equipment. Helmet is the same. Leg guards and chest protector are better.
  12. sydnishel

    Timing pop time from video

    Is there an app or something to time pop time from video?
  13. sydnishel

    4 different choices. New bat. Pros, Cons, comparisons and experiences please .

    A better comparison would be the LXT to the Demarinis. Xeno will swing heavier. No first hand knowledge of the RXT.
  14. sydnishel

    Demarini CF 32/21

    33 is too big for her. Thanks though.
  15. sydnishel

    Demarini CF 32/21

    Appreciate it but looking for something a little less used.
  16. sydnishel

    Demarini CF 32/21

    Looking to buy a 32/21 Demarini. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  17. sydnishel

    Home Run Derby - Ghost vs LXT

    Is there much difference between the 2020 lxt and the 2021?