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  1. J

    Demarini Bats and Gloves for sale

    Retirement sale. Prices are shipped or if can pickup in StL area deduct $10 $80 - 33 23 Used Demarini CF Extended $100 - 33 22 Used Demarini CF6 Sprite $100 - 32 22 Used Demarini CF6 $65 - 13" Used Rawlings R9 (Fastpitch) $145 - 12.75" Like New Mizuno Pro Select (Baseball) If local, I...
  2. J

    Umpire Pay and Where to start

    I've seen posts recently here and on social media about shortages. I've considered umpiring as DD may be retiring soon. I found a great post here about gear, Ump Gear, and I've seen posts about per game pay. Seems to be in the 30-50 range per game. But starting out, how much should one...
  3. J

    Just Gloves - 100 Day no longer free

    Looks like they now charge a fee to have the 100 day insurance policy. If you keep the glove you get store credit good for a year for that amount. If you return the glove, the way I read it, you're out the fee and get refunded for the price of the glove. The glove I pulled up it was $29.99...
  4. J

    WTS Bats for sale

    Prices are shipped SOLD - 33/23 2014 Worth 2Legit (-10) $65 33/24 2018 Rawlings Quatro (-9) SOLD - $90 33/24 2015 LS LXT (-9) $115 33/22 2014 Demarini CF6 (-11) SOLD - 33/23 2019 Mizuno PC (-10 like new) All are game usuable. Price I think reflects condition.
  5. J

    Wilson Bat Day - This Wednesday

    Sign up for Tuesday early access Should be decent deals on last years Louisville and Demarini Bats
  6. J

    2020 Easton Ghost 32/22 - $200 SOLD

    Like new, $200 Shipped
  7. J

    SOLD - Used Demarini CF8 Sprite 32/21 For Sale

    Used Demarini CF8 Sprite 32/21 $150 shipped Bat has been sold.
  8. J

    Nokona Glove for Pitching

    In market for a new pitching glove. DD is 15. Still working in her new Mizuno Pro Select 12.75 for outfield. An injury slowed the process. Anyway nokona has caught her attention. I've seen mixed opinions on here in general. I think for this glove though she would prefer something closer to...
  9. J

    Wilson Glove Day

    Deals on Wilson BB gloves today. DD got a new glove, made me jealous, possible options knowing nothing about the Wilson gloves. Like a deep pocket and larger glove, the 1799 seems to fit the bill and the trap gloves always look cool...
  10. J

    CF(X?) -11 vs CF(8) Slapper for Righty

    So, DD will be 14, 5'6" 120. Relatively inexperienced player, rec league/school ball just starting B "select" Not power hitter, hardest hit ball maybe rolled to warning track on high school field. Been using an Easton 32/20 AW=21. Picked up a dirt cheap Easton Flex 32/21 AW=22 that seems to...

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