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  1. J

    Demarini Bats and Gloves for sale

    Retirement sale. Prices are shipped or if can pickup in StL area deduct $10 $80 - 33 23 Used Demarini CF Extended $100 - 33 22 Used Demarini CF6 Sprite $100 - 32 22 Used Demarini CF6 $65 - 13" Used Rawlings R9 (Fastpitch) $145 - 12.75" Like New Mizuno Pro Select (Baseball) If local, I...
  2. J

    Dad glove

    Get yourself a nice 12.75/13 HoH or a2000 H web baseball glove for now. My a2000 1799 worked great for me for same duties. Unless DD is hitting high 50s or you struggle catching in the pocket you don't need a catcher's mitt yet. When that happens in a few years grab a nice mitt.
  3. J

    Umpire Pay and Where to start

    Great info, very much appreciated.
  4. J

    Umpire Pay and Where to start

    I've seen posts recently here and on social media about shortages. I've considered umpiring as DD may be retiring soon. I found a great post here about gear, Ump Gear, and I've seen posts about per game pay. Seems to be in the 30-50 range per game. But starting out, how much should one...
  5. J

    White Dream Seam sale

    Following to find out just because curious, 1 or 12. Did see this also in addition to weight, seems like right size for a dozen... Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 15.63 x 11.88 x 3.88 Inches
  6. J

    Looking for High Quality Glove Recommendations

    Would take a 7 and 9 for DD and Dad.
  7. J

    2022 Ghost Double Barrel IN STOCK

    This new ghost, linked above, that I think you are referring to as the double barrel from the flyer is the new version/replacement of the dual thats been out for a couple of years. There's a brief discussion in another recent form titled "ghost differences"...
  8. J

    Schutt fielders mask

    used black zip ties
  9. J

    Ghost differences

    Found on the dark web...
  10. J

    Wristband Signs---call sheet sizing?

    Google the following: WRIST PLAY CARD CREATOR TEMPLATE EXCEL In the first link there is an excel template. I haven't used it in a while, but it worked well for me. Had to maybe mess with margins a little bit to get it just right, but it worked well vs me figuring it out from scratch...though...
  11. J

    Another glove thread

    About that age, we bought a Rawlings gamer...currently the R9 series and got 2 years of service..probably was ready for retirement at 1.5 years. It was a 12.5, which sounds a bit big but it was a small almost youth like 12.5. Didn't feel near as big as a RLA 12.5. I believe they have a FS...
  12. J

    Bat for 2021 power hitter

    I know nothing. Didn't this merger just happen recently? Seems awful quick to merge tech, test, produce, get alphabet approval...yadda yadda. I'd be skeptical of this hybridization unless this was in the works somehow prior to late last year.
  13. J

    Bat for 2021 power hitter

    Just read thread...current summary OP Power hitter DD seingn 19 LXT 33/23 DD likes 2021 LXT Dad thought hit RXT well Dad wants deal on 2021 LXT Dad wonders about prism (+), others The key here to me is DD likes the LXT. 2021 LXT will have good retail deals come mid October 2021 (about 50%...
  14. J

    “The New Bats Are So Fragile”

    Man I'll be bummed if that pulls in 289, I listed mine here for 40, with a new grip, ended up giving it away...still got a couple for sale (shameless ad)...
  15. J

    I knew I kept my Christmas tree up for a reason...

    Not personally in need. Just seen multiple posts recently looking for a Utility glove.
  16. J

    I knew I kept my Christmas tree up for a reason...

    How does this glove measure? In other threads you've mentioned and others have looked for true utility glove...such as a 12.25, deep pocket H web. If this runs about .25 short then this would be a winner. Though I don't know how the hand stall is and it isn't a retail pattern I've seen. Is it...
  17. J

    WTS Bats for sale

    Virtually none from us. But we got it used to try it from a college girl. I can PM more detailed pics to you tonight if desired. The grip isn't horrible, but is kind of hard and uncomfortable to me. The connection, endcap, barrel are all solid. The rubber piece hiding the connection is...
  18. J

    Absolute Joke

    Absolute Joke? Little, ok a lot, strong for my taste. If she is in fact with the new club, are they supposed to not recognize her at all. Come on, it's not about the orgs either way it's about that kid's accomplishment.
  19. J

    Looking for a good priced center field/short stop combo glove

    I agree with Towny9. Consider which is primary position and buy a glove geared for that position and get something super cheap or free for the other if the primary glove doesn't work. I wonder how this would play for this scenario, never seen one, based on price seems it would almost be a...

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