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    Tight Spin?

    When I use that phrase (whether my old baseball days or in softball) I've always meant high RPM spin that makes it harder to determine which direction the ball is spinning. We also used to use the phrase "dirty spin" in baseball, which meant that the seem orientation was different than normal...
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    This umpire would have seen the play SO much better using the wedge. I don't think she would have missed the obstruction and she would have definitely seen if there was actually a tag applied (don't think there was).
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    Parent Drama - need advice.

    To some extent this is something you just need to get used to, particularly as a parent of a pitcher. When you put a group of competitive girls together you should expect them to compete with each other. Even when you have a group who plays well as a team there will be several girls who always...
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    Cheating or Aggressive Base Running?

    If the umpire ruled that she left early he would have called dead ball immediately and called her out at that time.
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    Questions to ask when subbing

    The most important detail to clarify is do they WANT her or NEED her? Big difference. DD has guest played in both circumstances and I only took her to the "WANT" circumstance once. If they don't really NEED her then I would definitely clarify her playing time in advance.
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    Runner reaches and removes ball from fielders glove.

    Interference. Shouldn't be a difficult call to make when it is clearly intentional as described.
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    Cheating or Aggressive Base Running?

    There are provisions for ejecting a coach or player due to unsporting acts or behavior, but not for calling an out (other than malicious contact).
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    Slapping Rules (College vs Travel / High School)

    I hate making this call (though I will when I am absolutely certain) even when I do see it because I know I don't see it every time. I agree that there are some who seem to be dying to call it at least once a game just to show everyone that they are watching closely.
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    A thread for the umps...what would you do’s, oddball plays, war stories

    I don't see any way you can call interference on that. Has to be intentional, and he is allowed to establish his own path to the plate. Was he trying to make the throw tougher? Of course. But can you actually say he intentionally interfered when he couldn't even see the throw? I don't think...
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    Continuation Rule Ump Call

    Also, I've never heard anyone use the word "continuation" in softball.
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    Continuation Rule Ump Call

    Straight out of the MSU (Made Stuff Up) rule book. I can't think of any possible rule (lookback included) that applies here.
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    College softball prospect camp question

    They aren't allowed true invite only camps but they can and do manipulate the attendees pretty easily.
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    College softball prospect camp question

    Strictly speaking they are "open", but if they don't promote the camp, invite only who they want to see, hold the camp after their larger camp, and limit the number of attendees then the camp essentially becomes invite only. Happens pretty often actually.
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    College softball prospect camp question

    Just my experience, but this sounds like a full-price, strictly for profit camp. Generally, the camps where they are actually evaluating players are invite-only and much cheaper. I'm not saying the camp isn't worth the money (could get great instruction) or that they won't see any players that...
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    DH/Flex in Lineup

    a. Yes b. Can't quite figure out what you mean, but if the intention if for the DP to enter on defense in the 1st inning it should be noted as a change to the lineup in the plate meeting regardless home/visitor. c.Yes, in my view.
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    DH/Flex in Lineup

    You don't mean actual position, right (as in F3, F4, etc)? Players are free to switch positions on the field at any point.
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    DH/Flex in Lineup

    The DP can play defense for the flex (the flex has left the game) or any of the other 8 players, which is to say anyone. I guess we're saying the same thing but I just don't see them being linked on defense in any way.
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    DH/Flex in Lineup

    Not sure exactly what you meant, but the DP playing defense is unrelated to the FLEX in any way.
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    DH/Flex in Lineup

    Assuming the change is made at the plate meeting, then the umpire would be informed that the DP is now entering to play defense for the P and make the change to the lineup card at that time (making the DP now the P of record). If this change wasn't made at the plate meeting then you could only...
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    DH/Flex in Lineup

    She must have a defensive position initially or she isn't actually in the game. As you said, if the flex isn't playing defense then she is out of the game. If you list her in the lineup at a defensive position initially and sub her out at the plate meeting then you have the option to go back...

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