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    Wasserman high level pitching

    Anyone have any experience with Wasserman high level pitching? My daughter just got it and is working through some of the drills now. We were able to identify a few things that she needed to work on and there were drills included that were designed to help. She just started, but what she is...
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    Bullet spin when throwing overhand

    My daughter is a pitcher primarily and has been pitching 1 to 2 times a week for months with no issues. Team practice started a few weeks ago and her overhand throwing has increased a lot. She mentioned this morning that her forearm was a little sore and I expect that it might be from the...
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    Courses on

    I wanted to check out one of the free courses on I made an account, went through the checkout process, got an email, but haven't been able to access either Intermediate or Elite Course #1. Thought I might be missing something or did something wrong. Anyone been able to...
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    Age/speed when a catchers glove becomes necessary

    Question came up for rec league that supplies equipment. At what age or maybe more importantly at what velocity does a catchers glove become needed? If the pitchers aren't sniffing 40 mph, would a catchers glove be worth it? Would it be needed even in the mid to upper 40s? Developmentally...
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    Question on interference on runner after scoring

    Runner touches home plate and jogs about 4 steps back toward her 1st base dugout when a bad throw hits her. Runner from 3rd base was already heading home reading the ball up the line with no one covering home plate with the catcher chasing the ball up the 1st base line. The ball got by the...
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    Pitcher's glove color? Steam fitting?

    I've been trying to get my DD talked into getting a glove to start breaking in but she had no interest. Today a lace broke on her glove and I really don't think it is worth getting relaced. (Older Mizuno MVP) Locally, most of the gloves I can find that she likes are either white or white/grey...
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    Curveball Twist and Turn? Corkscrew Curve video

    Teaching the "Corkscrew Curve" - YouTube I saw this video and thought the guy in it looked like Boardmember? If that is the case, I'd assume it would be worth paying attention too. After watching I was confused though and have heard turn the door knob in reference to throwing a screwball...
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    Marucci Magnolia 13" $88

    My daughter didn't like how it looks but I still had a hard time resisting the urge to buy. I think this looks like a great deal if you don't mind a bigger glove and wanted to pass it on. Only 5 in stock Right hand throw $88 Left hand throw $119 AmazonSmile : Marucci Magnolia MG1300FP 13" Two...
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    Anyone used a ball from pitchLogic?

    I saw this the other day and wonder if anyone has used one?
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    14u new to pitching and looking for feedback

    She decided a little over a year ago she wanted to try pitching. She started getting lessons at that time but still have a long way to go. She has some issues with twisting her push foot and keeping her backswing straight. I didn't know what I/R or forearm fire was until finding this message...
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    Help finding a face mask for pitching

    My daughter just started to get serious about softball and decided I needed to get her a mask. I'd hoped to have her try on a few to see what felt the best but not really an option with the current state of things. She is 5'7" 125lbs but has a pretty small head. I'm assuming I'd need to get...
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    Screwball examples?

    My DD decided to get serious about pitching little over 1 year ago is 14 and has a lot of catching up to do. We have fun practicing and ultimately all the really matters to me but I still want to do what I can to help her improve. We found a pitching coach a year ago that we have been working...
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    How much is a warranty worth?

    I expect that it will depend a lot on the bat, but what would you be willing to pay for NR bat vs new with full warranty?
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    Help keeping Demarini bat naming straight

    I'm new to fastpitch and looking for a bat for my daughter. I was getting a little lost in Demarini naming and wanted to double check. CF9 is from 2017, CFX from 2018, CF ZEN from 2019 and 2020 is just CF but would be similar/same line at least. The Hope version are the same bat just different...

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