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    HS coaches say they like multi-sport athletes but......

    From my experience at least, most coaches have no problem with multi sport athletes but they do typically expect that their sport should be the priority during the season. I really wouldn't blame them if they felt this way either. If this was going to be the case though, the coach should have...
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    Wasserman high level pitching

    We have used several of Rick Pauly's program also and they were very helpful. I was looking for weight training info actually and was how I ended up with Wasserman along with a recommendation from someone that had done the throwing program. I'll plan on revisiting and maybe adding more from...
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    Wasserman high level pitching

    Anyone have any experience with Wasserman high level pitching? My daughter just got it and is working through some of the drills now. We were able to identify a few things that she needed to work on and there were drills included that were designed to help. She just started, but what she is...
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    Help! Lack of Drop Ball Bite

    I'm might be missing something, but I'm 6'2" and my daughter 5'6". I measured from the ground up to the bottom of our fingers and the difference was a little over 1". I might have excessively long arms or maybe hers are shorter than normal, but this focus on height being a major factor in a...
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    What percentage of pitching speeds that we see/hear do you think are wrong

    I noticed that Perfect Game lists speeds for pitchers that play in their events on their website and always wondered how accurate those are. I'm assuming they list the fastest recorded pitch from the pitcher and most seem reasonable, but there are a few at times that don't seem to make any...
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    Help! Lack of Drop Ball Bite

    I know very little about throwing a drop, but I'd say that taller people tend to have longer arms so its not like the release point of someone that is 5'4" vs 5'10" is 6 inches. The difference would be relatively small enough that other factors would weigh more heavily into the success of the pitch
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    Bullet spin when throwing overhand

    My daughter is a pitcher primarily and has been pitching 1 to 2 times a week for months with no issues. Team practice started a few weeks ago and her overhand throwing has increased a lot. She mentioned this morning that her forearm was a little sore and I expect that it might be from the...
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    How do you handle an umpire who disregards certain rules?

    Out of curiosity, what was the pitcher doing that was illegal?
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    Courses on

    Yes, I was able to get in this morning. Not 100% sure what was wrong but was on my end. Basically used a different computer and it worked. Thanks
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    Courses on

    I wanted to check out one of the free courses on I made an account, went through the checkout process, got an email, but haven't been able to access either Intermediate or Elite Course #1. Thought I might be missing something or did something wrong. Anyone been able to...
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    Interesting audio book about Travel Softball by Michael Lewis

    Thanks for this. I'm already an Audible member so it was available to me for free. My daughter never really played travel ball and her main goal is to make and contribute to her high school team. Still interesting to see how much things have changed since I was her age.
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    Age/speed when a catchers glove becomes necessary

    Question came up for rec league that supplies equipment. At what age or maybe more importantly at what velocity does a catchers glove become needed? If the pitchers aren't sniffing 40 mph, would a catchers glove be worth it? Would it be needed even in the mid to upper 40s? Developmentally...
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    Left Handed Catcher

    I saw an article talking about this a little while back but was from a baseball perspective and the main reason doesn't apply to softball. The reason they had was that if the lefty had a good enough arm to be a catcher, he should probably be pitching. With the number of pitchers needed for...
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    runner hit with batted ball

    What is the call if the runner was in contact with the base? Does this rule vary between rule sets? (Never mind, I think I was getting my baseball rules mixed with my softball and they differ in this case I believe)
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    Question on interference on runner after scoring

    I meant it as a joke more or less but guess I should have never mentioned that part about hitting the on deck hitter and distracted from my actual question. The example from the book was referring to an on deck hitter so may not apply to the retired runner. I'd hope that must on deck hitters...
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    Question on interference on runner after scoring

    Thought I was done but found a copy of the USSSA rule book and found this about interference. The example was an on deck hitter, but thought it might apply NOTE: When the interference is with a thrown ball, the ball is dead and the runner closest to home is declared out. If no play is obvious...
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    Question on interference on runner after scoring

    I got the answer I needed in the first post but started down a hypothetical rabbit hole after. I do appreciate all of the help.
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    Question on interference on runner after scoring

    @The Man In Blue One last question on this I think, would there be a point in time while scoring that the runner would be protected from interference? If she just finished completing a slide across the plate and a throw bounced off her helmet for example. If that wouldn't be interference, at...
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    Question on interference on runner after scoring

    I'm assuming you mean as long as there is a potential play.
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    Question on interference on runner after scoring

    Sorry, last part I was asking if it would make a difference when the runner at 3rd base went home. Basically, if the runner didn't start running home until after the potential interference happened with the runner who had just scored, would it make any difference? Also, would there ever be a...

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